Outshine Bars Make For a Healthy and Delicious Snack!

I love summer and pretty much everything associated with it. That’s why now that summer is winding down, I want to savor every last minute of it. Outshine Bars are helping us to do just that!

Outshine Bars are a healthy way to snack and they are so tasty too! I purchased their Fruit Bars in Strawberry and wow, so yummy! They are made with real fruit and come in many mouth-watering flavors, including:

Creamy coconut
Peach Pomegranate

You can find where you can purchase these great products (even by flavor), by clicking here!

I appreciate the fact that Outshine doesn’t use GMO ingredients in nearly half of their products, and by the end of the year they are working to take out GMO ingredients in nearly all of their bars. They want to make sure all of their ingredients are simple and honest for a quality and great-tasting snack! Click here to read more about Outshine's mission!

These bars make for a tasty treat after a fun, family play-date at the park, walk around the neighborhood, or just a nice way to relax after a long day at work.

Make sure to follow Outshine on Instagram to see some fun ways to share Outshine with your family and friends! Like adding honey and ginger to a lemon fruit bar! Yum!

Interested in other products that Outshine carries? Be sure to check out their website! So many delightful treats in a variety of delicious flavors… you are going to want to try them all!


  1. I bought these in costco and I love them! They do not have a crazy amount of sugar and are a refreshing summer snack!

  2. These sound like a great snack. I love all the flavors these come in. I also really like how healthy these are for us. Thank you so much for sharing these

  3. My kids love the strawberry kind! And I never feel guilty when they're eating them! :)

  4. This looks like a healthy and tasty food to snack on.

  5. Our family LOVES Outshine bars. The smaller ones are a perfect sized snack for my young daughters. I love that there are no artificial ingredients and the kids really enjoy all the flavors.

  6. I've seen these in the stores, just never tried them. The simply yogurt bars sounds good

  7. My grandaughter would love these.

  8. We love these at our house.

  9. I love Outshine bars! I have only tried all of the fruit bar flavors so far, but I am definitely picking up some yogurt bars the next time I go shopping! They sound delicious!

  10. these do look very good,,my grandkids would totally lvoe any of these

  11. I love the strawberry and rasberry outshine bars! Have to try the rest!

  12. Gosh I wish I could find these where we live. Our tow is smaller than Mayberry but my Mom lives in Ohio so i need to search there. They look so good and not filled with Tom's of bad sugar

  13. I dont knwo if we have those here but if we did my mother would love them

  14. Sounds delicious, I would love to try the coconut.