Re-Connect With Your Family With A Fun Game Night!

I received these games at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Growing up, I loved game night! In fact, I wanted every night of the week to be game night. Spending time with my family around a board game, laughing and having fun, was nothing short of a great time! Now that I have a daughter, I am ready to relive those fond memories and make some new ones with my own little family. I am excited to partner with Goliath Games to tell you about two of their fun, family-friendly games!

Pass the Pen is a fun drawing game that uses a pen with a built-in timer. As the seconds tick by, the pen tip slowly retracts as you draw. How fun! You get 10 seconds to draw and everyone tries to guess what it is. If someone guesses correctly, you get points. If no one guesses the drawing, it’s the next person’s turn to try and finish the picture. I love how fast and fun this game is. It makes for a lively and laughter-filled game! Creative fun for ages 8+.

Tick Tock Boom makes for another fun and fast-paced family game night! This game will bring out a little friendly competition in you. To play, you draw a card and call out a word that contains the letters on the card, then you pass the bomb. You have to be quick, because if you are caught holding the bomb when it goes off, you lose the round! Oh no! The person who has the least amount of cards at the end of the game wins! This is fast-paced friendly competition at its best, for ages 8+.

Playing these games has reinvigorated my love of game night. It’s been awhile since I took some time out of my busy schedule to sit down and play a game. I really appreciate the time away from electronics and re-connecting with my memories and making some new ones!

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