Storing All My Daughter’s Essentials with Cute and Durable Peek Bags!

I received an Assorted Peek Pack at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

With a little one comes a lot of stuff! Whether they be large or small, these items seem to be scattered everywhere! We definitely needed to have more organization and storage options, especially in my daughter’s play area. Thankfully, I have partnered with Peek Bags to tell you all about our new and very cute way to organize!

Peek Bags are designed and made by a mom who has two kids of her own. She had the same problem all of us do, but decided to do something about it. She was tired of the plastic zip top baggies that were all over her house and didn’t like the fact that they weren’t durable, attractive, nor did they stay closed. Welcome… Peek Bags!

Peek Bags are quality bags that have an adorable “peek” section in the front, so that you know exactly what’s inside without having to open it. These bags come in three sizes; Small (7” x 7.5”), Medium (11” x 11.5”) and Large (16” x 16.5”) and have fourteen colors to chose from! Wonderful for mixing and matching to create the perfect storage set for your home.

You can either purchase these bags individually, in a set of 3 (either size small, medium, or large) set of 3, or as an Assorted Peek Pack. The latter gives you one of each size and that’s what I received. Which worked out perfectly for my needs.

I am really impressed with how much can be stored in each bag. They are so much roomier than I expected and the quality is fantastic! They are more durable than your average baggie and way cuter too! With its easy to open and close drawstring, you can have easy access to whatever you might need inside without a lot of fuss.

Using the large-sized bag, I was able to finally get rid of the bag that my daughter’s blocks came in. It was tearing apart and not holding her blocks well. Now, they are safely stored in a cute red bag with room to spare!

The medium bag easily fit a few of her books and balls. They were constantly rolling all over our living room and I was afraid one of us would slip on them, eek! Not anymore! They are all stored away and ready for their next time of play… then back in they go!

The small bag stores all of her favorite play jewelry. Now all her sparkly necklaces and bracelets are all together in one handy bag. My daughter loves her jewelry and we were losing her bracelets all over the house. I was finding them everywhere!

Peek Bags has certainly helped us to stay organized in our house. Plus, they are great for taking on the road too! Stash a bunch of goodies in a large bag and you have a fun grab bag for a driving vacation!

However, these bags are not only great for storing kids toys, but they are just what us adults are looking for too! I could definitely use them to store my art supplies, sewing accessories, loose batteries, and about a dozen other things! Let Peek Bags store all your essentials and more!

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  1. Wow, these bags looks amazing to store things in plain sight but not so it looks messy. I would really be interested in purchasing some of these once my 6 month old gets into more and more toys and reading more often. I can see storing all her hair accessories or clips that she received in something like this. Great ideas!

  2. I think this is a neat idea. I do not have kids, but I have lots of things to store! I would use them to store different things in. I do tend to buy things that I do not need, as I have found out recently moving! I think they are neat for kids because they are colorful and kids like colors. They may have fun putting their toys in them too! Great idea!