Fodeez Is An Ingeniously Creative Way To Frame Your Pictures!

I received these Fodeez products at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Taking pictures of my daughter is something I do all the time. She is just so cute, how can I not?! Haha. Well, if you are like me, and have taken about a bazillion pictures of your little one(s), you are going to love who I have partnered with. Let’s give it up for Fodeez! They have an ingenious product that I can’t wait to share with you!

Fodeez offers high value products at affordable prices to keep you organized, on time and remind you what's important. In 2006, Fodeez creator upgraded her refrigerator and found that the prime place to display her kids' photos and artwork, as well as the area she used to keep track of their busy schedules, was gone. Magnets wouldn’t stick, tape would damage the surface, and she found herself on a quest. That's how Fodeez Frames came to be.

Fodeez Frames are especially awesome if you have a stainless steel or wooden-front refrigerator, as nothing sticks to that except tape, until now! Fodeez Frames brings back the ability to proudly display your children’s artwork, photos, doodles and more, on surfaces where you once couldn’t. Other great uses are; for posting monthly school schedules, grocery lists, and anything else you want to remember or keep track of.

They offer frames ranging in sizes from 2x3 to 8.5x11! They come in a variety of colors, patterns and themes. Fodeez even offers customization! You can put any note you like on the frames, which is perfect for holiday cards, birthday cards, birth announcements, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah and even fundraisers!

Want to switch up the photos you have placed inside any of these frames?… it’s easy-peasy! Just lift up a corner of the frame, slide out your picture and swap in a new one! It’s just that simple!

A wonderful way to sample all the different sizes Fodeez offers, is by purchasing one of their Multi-Packs. These packs include seven frames in a variety of sizes (8.5x11, 5x7, 4x6 and 2x3) and includes a dry erase marker! Yes, you can even write on the clear film and then wipe it away, just like you would on a dry erase board. I think this is ingenious! This pack is great if you have a number of different size pictures or important documents that you want to hang. Not only do they stick to your fridge, but you can even post them to a wall and they won’t leave behind any residue! Brilliant!

Their Positive Notes are really great, too! The window is 2x3 in size and they come in a pack of three and in a variety of colors. Each color has a different saying and the one I received says, “Enjoy the journey”. Others are; “You are amazing because”, “You got this”, “I run because”, “I love you because”, and “I’m inspired by”. These are just the right size for using the dry erase markers and jotting down a quick message to a loved one. Another idea would be to use them to label your food for the office lunchroom.

Last, but certainly not least… I received their amazing customized holiday cards! Pick out your color/style frame and then the message you would like printed on the back. Once received, slip in the 4x6 photo you would like to send your loved ones and presto, you have an adorable and very unique holiday card! You can purchase as little as 10 cards, or as many as 150, and they do include envelopes.

I really love how Fodeez Frames can stick to any smooth surface and be used over and over again! The cherry on top is that they are dry erase friendly! You can have your kids practice their homework inside the 8.5 x 11 frames and they don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Just wipe clean and start again. When they are done, they can just slide the homework out and transfer the answers over.

Check out my video review here:

There are so many different ways you can use Fodeez Frames, the options seem endless! This is definitely creative fun for the whole family!

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  1. What a great solution. I love how sleek they look , too. It makes a messy fridge full of random magnets and old papers look organized. I love the holiday cards, too.

  2. These are something I've been looking for..

  3. These would be wonderful for my grandkids art pictures that they make for me! I can have a neat tidy fridge face and swap out their art when they bring me new ones.

  4. I went to their website. LOVE these as xmas gifts. But my roommate and I could really use them for positive affirmations to encourage each other on our lifestyle changes :) Thank you for sharing this great company! Really excited!

  5. I love these!! What a great way to show off the family and friends!! They are tasteful and super easy!!

  6. Great frames I love them!!

  7. I definitely need positive affirmations to keep me inspired.The positive notes are a great way to bring a smile on a off day.

  8. those are great and then the shape are good you can change pic and then
    they can use for pets and for gift to new couple

  9. I need these to display my granddaughter's kindergarten work on my stainless steel fridge 💖