Aloft Home Gives Your Family a Clean and Comfortable Nights Rest!

I received this product at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Tired of bed sheets that don’t hold up? I know I am! I am always so excited when I get a new set, because by that time, I usually can’t take all the frustrations of the old set anymore. But, all that has changed! I have found an amazing, revolutionized bedding set that begs to be worn in and loved! Get ready… they are Aloft Home and I can’t wait to tell you about them!

Aloft Home is committed to providing you with responsible, eco-friendly products. They have partnered with factories that meet the highest standards in the industry, and I absolutely love that all of their products are Oeko-Tex certified! That means they are FREE of all harmful synthetics and chemicals to ensure you are using the safest, most sustainable products. Gotta love that!

I had the pleasure of receiving their Core Sheet Set in Sky Blue. So pretty and calming, perfect for getting into sleep mode. It’s a 300-thread count percale weave set and it’s designed for a crisp, cool, and comfortable feel. Each set includes two pillow cases, as well as a fitted and flat sheet. The twin is the only exception, as it has only one pillowcase. With prices ranging from $89 (twin) - $119 (King), you will be able to afford to get your whole family some new, health-inspired bed sheets!

Once I opened up the bed sheets, I knew they were a quality product. They felt really nice and had some wonderful features that our previously-owned sets didn’t have. First, was the fantastic way they washed! No rips, tears, or opened seams and the elastic held up perfectly! I couldn’t be more thrilled with their deep corner pockets and quality elastic! After the first wash of our last set, the elastic was half-shot. (Sigh!)

Next, are the pillowcases that have the flap to help encase your pillow. This is helpful if you have a tag, zipper, or anything rough on your pillow, as it will help it to stay in place and not slide out. Another big favorite for me (and my husband) is the generously sized width of the flat bed sheet. Our last set was so skimpy that if one of us turned in the middle of the night, the other lost the sheet… brr! This is no longer an issue with these sheets! That gave us 4 thumbs-up!

Here is a scary thought….. bacterial growth on your bed sheets! Eww!! Did you know that after using your bed sheets, even just one time, you can find a vast amount of bacterial growth on them?! I never really thought about it before, but now I’m horrified! That’s another reason why I am really excited about Aloft Home. They went through 18 months of rigorous research and development to ensure our bed sheets are clean, comfortable, sustainable and affordable!

Want to know how they did it?! Aloft Home has combined the highest quality cotton in the world with natural silver fiber to protect their products against 99.9% of bacterial growth! Yes!!

If there already weren’t enough reasons to love this brand, here’s another one for you! Tired of doing laundry? Thanks to their infused silver fiber, that means your linens will stay fresh and clean day after day! This also helps to reduce water and energy usage, which in return helps our beautiful planet. Now that’s a big win-win for all of us!

If you’re in need of a new sheet set, or are looking to try a healthier option for you and your family, give Aloft Home a try! Be sure to check out their bath line, too!

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  1. These sound great. I love the bigger flat sheet. You mentioned bacteria. I had no choice but to ignore the comment because my beagle sleeps under the blanket with me. I don't even want to go there! I tried to keep her out of my bed at first and gave up when she peed on it twice! Bad dog! She now sleeps with me and no more mess since. Lol Barbara

  2. These sheets sound amazing. I'm always looking for good quality sheets and I will definitely look into these. I checked out their bath line, love the colors of the towels.

  3. I didn't know about bacteria growth on my bed sheets. Yikes! These sheets look amazing, and are certainly a healthy option.

  4. I love how safe these products are and so good for our bodies. I need some new sheets and I love comfort. These sound perfect. Thank you so much for sharing these God Bless

  5. These Sheets sound wonderful with the Silver Fibers to make it strong and have long Lasting Freshness. The larger size that will keep your corners on I really like.Hate having to keep redoing my Fitted sheets Lol. Awesome review..

  6. Yay for deep pockets, quality and eco friendly!! <3 The color is gorgeous and I love to hear that they are SO comfy!!

  7. These sheets look so great and I love that they are free of synthetics and chemicals

  8. We are looking for new sheets and these fit the bill. Will check them out more closely