TeePee Joy Brings Playtime Imagination to Stylish New Heights!

I received a TeePee Joy Set at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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My daughter loves to create and use her imagination, and lately she has developed a very strong desire to make tents all over our house. (Eek!) This has turned into quite the fun time for her, but a big mess for me. Blankets, clips, chairs and even an occasional yardstick or two have been used. Needless to say, I was looking for an alternative and much safer solution to not only make her day, but to save mine as well. Hello, and thank you to the most awesome solution around… TeePee Joy!

TeePee Joy is founded and run by a husband and wife team from Illinois. They got the idea when their daughters were making hideouts all over their house…. sounds familiar!! Haha! All the teepee options they found for their children either catered to kids OR adults, so they decided to do something about it. And they sure did! They designed a wide variety of fun and safe hideouts that kids adore and that parents will love displaying in their house! A win-win! Plus, they are made right here in the USA!

Looking through all their adorable pre-designed teepees (over 45 styles!) I had the absolute hardest time deciding on which one to get! They were all so cute and I knew my daughter would love them all. I ended up deciding on their “Whale” come to the Party Teepee! It’s classic, would work well in any room, and looked like a dreamy, magical play space. It’s also gender neutral and if you have a family of boys and girls, everyone can enjoy this fun setup!

If you’d rather, you can actually customize your very own teepee for your house! TeePee Joy has hundreds of patterns and prints to choose from and you will surely find something to fit your style and home! It’s really cool too, because you can match an existing design, or even create your own unique model! It can be just the way you want!

Upon arrival, everything came in one box and was wrapped and cared for nicely. As I unwrapped each piece, I was blown away by the quality! I can tell that there was much time, thought, and love that went into all these beautiful, quality pieces. Durable fabric, on-point stitching, cozy and perfectly stuffed pillows, and a well thought out design that made set-up a breeze! In fact, all I needed to do was take a general look at the instructions and then one look back to make sure everything was perfect - and it was! If you’re more of a video instruction person, they have that too! Easy peasy!

Once I had her teepee, mat, and pillows all set up (my daughter was anxiously waiting in the next room), I announced that her surprise was ready and she came flyyyyying into the room! As soon as she saw everything, she lit up and shouted for joy as she ran to her teepee! I wish I had videoed her reaction as it was truly priceless!

She marveled over all her new goodies and tested everything out. Snuggling pillows...

Laying on the cozy mat...

Opening and closing the windows on the teepee...

And of course, opening and closing the teepee as well...

In fact, all that exploring, peek-a-boo fun, and playing got her hungry she said… so she opted to have a little ice cream treat in her new hideout! Yum!

I love how TeePee Joy gives you the option to purchase all these adorable accessories for the teepee… separately, or together. Perhaps, you are only looking for a tent, then no worries, you can do just that! But, I will say that the mat and pillows are the perfect complement to this adorable tent and I just can’t imagine it without them! However, if you want to order a piece or two at a time, you can always do that too!

Not only does my daughter adore her teepee, but so do I! TeePee Joy absolutely nailed it! They made a stylish play space that can go in any room and it appeals to both parent and child! No more sacrificing the look of your home for playtime hideouts. Now everyone’s happy and having fun!

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