Thoughtful Gifts All New Moms Will Love!

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Wondering what to buy the new mom in your life? It’s not as easy as it sounds to find the ideal gift. Between baby showers and her own nesting purchases, it’s likely she already has everything she needs for the baby’s arrival. So why not think about an extra special gift that she will get a lot of joy from?

Here are some ideas for thoughtful gifts that all new moms will love.

Food Gifts

A new mother will be focused on feeding her newborn, and might not have much time to feed herself! Some thoughtful food gifts for new moms include hampers and some meal kits that will help her take care of herself. You could even make her some home cooked meals she can keep in the freezer for when she needs something quick and easy to eat. Check out some batch-cook meal ideas for inspiration.

A Newborn Photoshoot

A newborn photoshoot is the perfect way to capture a baby’s early days, with beautiful photos that mothers will cherish forever. Take a look at some of the amazing portraits from, they’re the perfect newborn gift. A photoshoot is something that some parents might not think to buy for themselves, making it an especially thoughtful gift.

Nursery Artwork

Some artwork for a nursery is something a lot of parents consider when preparing a baby’s room. But as many don’t decide on a name until the baby is born, it might be something that gets forgotten about for a while. A nice piece of artwork with some personalized details will be the perfect addition to the baby’s room that the parents will also love. Thoughtful gifts like this are unique and personal, and a great way to show someone that you love and care for them.

A Spa Day Or Beauty Voucher

For many new moms, ‘me time’ isn’t something that there is much of! The first weeks and months can take their toll, and all self-care goes out the window! A spa day can be the perfect gift for her to enjoy a bit of time to herself and experience a bit of pampering. Vouchers for her local salon can also be a good idea ready for a new hairdo or a manicure. Why not go with her to make a day of it and treat her to some lunch as well?

Your Time

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a new mother is your time. While it shouldn’t be a gift, it’s something she will truly appreciate in those early days of being a mom. Whether you’re a mother yourself or you just want to offer some friendly support, a phone call, a text or a visit to see how she’s doing could really make her day.

The arrival of a new baby is something to celebrate, but while it’s customary to shower the new baby with gifts, it’s important to spoil the mom too. With a thoughtful gift from you, you’ll be sure to make her day as she settles into her new role and responsibilities.


  1. Awesome ideas! I know if I were a new mom, these would check all my boxes. Especially the Spa Day! I remember how hard it was to even shower, and put on a little makeup after baby was born. A spa day would have been heaven!

  2. These are all such great gifts for a new mom.

  3. Yes! I would have loved a newborn photoshoot with both my girls. I love all the photos I have but more is better. I also wish I could have had time with my mom. I was in another country when I gave birth to both my children.

  4. These are some really great gift ideas for any new parent.

  5. These are definitely some great ideas. I would also add snacks and bathbombs to the list

  6. These are some nice ideas. My daughter is expecting in May. Barbara

  7. I have six kiddos at home and what I needed most was someone to keep the baby awake while I caught up on some sleep.

  8. I have three new babies coming this year, so this is so helpful! Thank you for sharing!