4 Top Home Safety Tips for Kids

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels 

Home is the place where children spend most of their time apart from school. It is the place where they find love, comfort, and care. It is common for children to touch, see, experience, and explore their surrounding environment. This enhances the development of their bodies and their mind.

Home injuries are one of the causes of accidental deaths among children. Luckily, home injuries can be avoided through prevention and education. As a parent, you should take precautionary measures to secure your home and enhance your children's safety. The following are some of the safety tips a parent should take.

1. Secure Windows, Lock Doors, and Block Stairways 

One of the most common types of injuries encountered by kids is accidental falls. You can protect your children from these serious problems by taking some simple precautions such as locking doors and securing windows. The distance of fall determines the severity of the injuries. Therefore, be aware of height dangers. 

Ensure that your stairs and hallways are free and clear from the clutter that can cause a child to take a tumble or trip. You can also block a toddler from accessing the staircase by installing safety gates. Unsecured windows can also be dangerous to preschool children and older toddlers. You can also enhance your child’s safety by expanding your living area by building a single storey extension

2. Never Leave Kids Alone Near Water 

Although splashing around with water during playtime and bath time may be fun among children, they may also expose themselves to potential dangers. A child can drown in small quantities of water. Therefore, bathtubs, pools, sinks, and pails can threaten a child’s safety. 

Avoid leaving your child unattended near water, even for a few seconds. In case your doorbell or phone rings as you bathe your child, pick him up, wrap him up with a towel, and take him with you. Drowning only takes a few seconds. If your child has a nanny, ensure they understand various safety measures

3. Store Cleaning Materials and Other Chemicals Away from Kids 

Chemicals such as detergents and many other household products can be poisonous if swallowed. Always ensure these items are beyond the reach of your child. Install cabinets’ guards where chemicals, cleaners, and garden fertilizers are stored. You should also ensure these items are stored in their original cans since they might be mistaken for food. 

Prescription drugs, toilets, and cosmetics should also be stored away from children. Children may be tempted to mimic what their parents do, hence exposing themselves to potential hazards. 

4. Ensure Sleeping Areas for your Kids are Bare as Possible 

Suffocation is the leading cause of unintentional injury-linked death among babies. The mouth and the nose of an infant can be covered accidentally by soft fluffy comforters and pillows. This may restrict their breathing ability. You should maintain the bareness of your child’s crib. It is recommendable to use pajamas instead of adding more blankets during cold seasons.


The safety and comfort of a child should be the concern of any parent. Children are exposed to various dangers even at home. It is the responsibility of every parent to take precautionary measures to enhance the safety of their kids.

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PAW Patrol: Rubble on the Double Unboxing Toy Video and New DVD Release!

PAW Patrol: Rubble on the Double will be available on DVD on January 19th!

The pups are back in town and have a brand new DVD to get your kids excited! I know mine are! PAW Patrol has been a fan favorite here for a number of years and now my son is joining in on the fun, too. We love all their save-the-day rescues and funny antics. If you are like us, you are going to be thrilled over the new Rubble on the Double DVD! (You have a chance to win your very own DVD right here, just keep reading. :) )

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Releases: January 19, 2021
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Make Positive Changes For Your Child's Mental Health

By nature, the most important issue for any parent is the physical and mental health of their child. At the same time, it is not always easy to identify situations or behaviors that suggest the possibility of having to consult a psychologist, especially when it comes to young children who have difficulty verbally expressing their distress. The vigilance of parents and the educational staff is acute, in general and in such cases in particular, and it is important to be attentive and identify warning signs that signal the need to consult a psychologist who specializes in child care. Perhaps your child does well at day care, this is something to note when going forwards. All children need to develop their social skills.

Young children: Do not ignore red flags

The difficulty in recognizing and understanding the situation in young children is greater than in adults, since at a young age the child does not know how to translate into words, their feelings, the difficulties and hardships they experience. Emotional difficulties of various kinds develop in children in their inner world, but are only implicitly expressed in their outer world, not in words but in behaviors. For example, in the way the child plays, and is different from their past play, perhaps more aggressive, perhaps they actually tend to avoid playing altogether. Behavioral changes can also be manifested in the educational institution, in the class in which they participated and in any other place where their behavior is different from what it was before. Another red flag is a child’s life skills. Is your child behaving differently at home? Do they suffer from sleep disorders, have difficulty dressing on their own? Pay attention to these changes in all areas of life skills and be alert to any change in routine activities? Children who experience emotional difficulty can change behavior to two opposite ends: their behavior may be more aggressive, play more violent, their speech style more aggressive, or, alternatively, the child may want to position themselves "under the radar", be more silent, avoid social activities and games.


With older boys and girls it is easier to have a dialogue and they can express themselves and point out the emotional distress they are in. But they will not always choose to do so. Here, too, your role as parents, as well as the role of the educational staff, is to identify situations and behaviors that indicate the possibility of needing to see a psychologist. Adolescence is also a complex stage, challenging and full of upheavals, both for the adolescent and the parents. This rebellion is a natural and even positive process, but it is necessary, and important, to continue to be in dialogue with the adolescent.

Parents of adolescents are not always able to understand whether this is indeed a teenage rebellion or whether their child's behavioral patterns may indicate the need for psychological treatment. The recommendation is that even if there is a doubt, it is worth checking its veracity with a qualified person. You, the parents, know your child better than anyone. If as part of his adolescence process you find that he is more violent than usual, or if a significant boundary is crossed - stop, think, weigh. In some cases, the recommendation is for parental guidance only, or, depending on the situation, psychological treatment for your child and at the same time parental guidance for you too.

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