Simplify Your Baby’s Diaper Changes with Baby Tooshy!

I (Jen) received this product at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

After having a c-section, I was confined to the downstairs for a while with my newborn son, Wallace. We used the Pack ‘n Play and kept all his diapers and wipes in the holder. Now that I have full access to the house again, I like to take him into the different rooms so I can get cleaning done or laundry folded. Thanks to Baby Tooshy, instead of having to take my son back into the nursery each time he needs a change, I can just bring the diaper caddy with me! It’s really convenient and handy!

Baby Tooshy was created by a hands-on mother of 5 and has tested each and every one of their products before putting them on the market. Baby Tooshy sells diapering supplies that she has found to work best for her family, and I’m sure yours too! I know this caddy has really helped me out!

When I received this diaper caddy from Baby Tooshy, I was very excited about all the potential uses I could get out of it. It was incredibly easy to put together, too! I only had to unfold it, put the bottom base in, then make a T with the two pieces (which velcro together) and attach it to the velcro on the inside and it was done! Voila! It took less than a minute to put together!

Next, came filling the caddy with anything I might need while changing Wallace. I fit plenty of diapers (2 small packs), wipes (3 refills), the changing pad, toys, his diaper rash ointment, nail clippers, hairbrush, comb, pacifiers, small books, and then still had room for a change of clothes. This caddy is awesome!

Now, I no longer need to go into the nursery to change him. If I'm working in my office with Wallace on the playmat, I can change him right there. Or, if I am folding and putting away clothes in our bedroom, while playing with him on our bed, there is no need to completely interrupt what we're doing by taking him to the nursery. I can change him right there and get back to what we were doing. Such a time saver!

There are so many other ways I can picture using this caddy as well. I can make it a breastfeeding caddy by putting water bottles, snacks, burp cloths, books for me to read, and a charger for my phone. I could even switch that up by making it a pumping caddy and keep the pump and the parts separate. Other great uses could be a craft caddy, bathing caddy, and a road trip caddy to keep our son entertained when he gets older. I think I really need more than one of these!

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This article was written by Jennifer. She is a contributing writer to Love, Mrs. Mommy. All opinions are her own. 

Hi, I'm Jen! I'm married and a new mommy to an adorable little boy. I work full-time, but when I get the chance I love crafting, camping, and baking.

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