Stamped Canvas Will Help You Make A Beautiful Baby Keepsake!

I received these Stamped Canvas Kits at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby. I feel so incredibly blessed to have added a new little person to our family. It took us 3 years, but it was all worth it as we have our sweet little son to show for it. That’s why I am excited to partner with Stamped Canvas! I want to keep our son’s teeny tiny baby feet and handprints frozen in time to look at whenever I want. Plus, it will be a cute keepsake for him when he is older, too.

Stamped Canvas was created by four moms who wanted to capture early moments of life and love. They had failed attempts at arts and crafts and wanted to create something that made capturing these moments as simple as possible. I think every mom can relate to this, and through this desire came Stamped Canvas! They loved the simplicity of stamping and by pairing it with ready-made canvases, their idea of helping other parents create their own sweet mementos with their child (or even fur baby), was born!

Stamped Canvas has so many wonderful pre-printed canvases to choose from, I had a hard time deciding which ones to get! I ended up deciding on their “Moon and Back” & “Rainbow” designs. The first design says “Love you to the Moon and back”. The Rainbow Design states “Love” at the top and underneath “After every storm there is a rainbow of hope… Here I am!” Every time I look at the latter, I am moved to tears. It makes me think about all that my husband and I went through to get to this momentous occasion. It was a long journey, but we are so glad we made it!

I really love how this company thought of everything! Each pre-printed 8x8 canvas comes with a non-toxic ink pad, directions, and non-toxic baby saline wipes for a quick and easy clean-up. This makes for a great all-in-one kit, and there won’t be a need for extra trips to a store to make your beautiful keepsake. In fact, it would make a wonderful baby shower gift, or a welcome-to-the-world gift for a new parent.

After reading over the simple to follow directions, I was ready to get started! Since both of my kits had the need for footprints, I decided to start with my son’s feet. First, I worked on completing the left foot print on both kits. After pressing his foot down onto the ink pad, I rolled his foot (from heel to toe) on the canvas creating the left side of the “V”. Then I repeated the steps for the right side. This was super simple and with just that, I finished the “Love” on both of the canvases.

Next up was what I considered the hard part, the hands. It’s best to complete these kits when your baby is asleep, that way they don’t clench their hands, etc. However, even though our son was awake, he was really agreeable with the feet, so I thought I would give the hands a go. However, after I completed the feet for both kits, he started clenching his hands. Uh oh! He ended up loosening them up, but I did have to do a few takes on the canvas to get a good print. This truly tested their wipe feature that makes Stamped Canvas unique, and it really worked! Yippie! I just used a damp paper towel and wiped off the smudged print and presto!... you would never know I had any failed attempts. It worked great!

There was only a tiny spot on his right, 4th finger that lacked a print as he started to curl that finger. I was quite pleased with how the prints turned out and didn’t want to wipe it off to try again. Especially since the left and right hand print overlapped a bit. I think they turned out great!

Our little man was very agreeable, even while being awake through the whole process. However, I am sure that if you did it while your child was sleeping, it would be even easier!

Both of these kits, which retail for $29.99 each, state that it’s best for babies that are 0-12 months old. I love that I did this before our son was 3 weeks old, because it freeze-frames those oh-so-sweet tiny hands and feet in time forever. Plus, I think it fits on the spaces of the canvas really well too!

I am so happy that I did these wonderful kits! They will be cherished keepsakes forever and will be a wonderful reminder of just how small my precious boy was after he was born. My daughter even had a fun time joining in on the festivities. This is something the whole family can partake in and look back on with great joy. I hope you will give these fun kits a try!

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  1. I love this great idea for the new baby coming this spring for us. Would make a wonderful baby shower gift for exspecting Mother's too.

  2. I think these Stamped Canvas Kits are such a wonderful idea! I would have loved this when my children were young. But it would be a perfect gift for my niece who is expecting. She would really like this.

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  4. These are adorable. I have a babyshower to go to and this is perfect!!