It’s That Time Of Year… Back To School Supplies Are Here!

I am sure you have noticed it, IT is everywhere! I'm talking about Back to School supplies, and going back to school is just around the corner. The shelves are stocked and the ads are already in full swing. I can’t speak for everyone, but I actually liked school! Now, don’t get me wrong… I loved summer vacation, and I felt like it could definitely have lasted longer. But, I liked getting to see my friends every day, and get this, I really enjoyed learning. Whoa!

When I was little and I received my school supplies list in the mail, I was always so excited. I always looked forward to going to the store to pick out all my new goodies. I loved getting all the fun, crazy folder patterns and prints. Each one was always more outlandish than the next. The ever popular three ring binders, standard rule notebooks, #2 pencils and other writing supplies were always needed. My absolute favorite part about picking out school supplies was loading up on the crafting items. Picking out the crayons, markers, highlighters, and infamous glue sticks were always a thrill. I looked forward to all the fun projects I was going to get to work on during the year. Ahh… the memories.

When I got older the supplies weren’t as fun. I didn’t need construction paper, scissors, or Elmer’s glue (sniffles). I needed College ruled paper and the “backpack of the moment,” which at the time, was JanSport. (I am sure a bunch of you just said… oh yeah, I know how old she is!) Nevertheless, shopping for all my supplies was still fun.

One day, all too soon enough, it’s going to be a new experience for me. Now that I am a Mommy, before I know it, my little peanut will be going to school. She will be getting on that school bus and making friends. This will be quite the moment for her, and definitely me. I look forward to the day when I can take her school supply shopping. Picking out the crayons, glue, and construction paper will create many fun memories for her and bring back so many for me. I can’t wait to be a part of this experience and share this special moment with my special little lady.

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