Oh, Rainforest Jumperoo, How I Do Love You!

I would have to say, from the moment my daughter took her first bounce in this Jumperoo, she was sold. From it's bright colors, engaging toys, fun lights and sounds, it has kept my little one busy and most importantly, happy! Every mom knows that once in a while (ok, sometimes more than that) our kids can get cranky. Well, my friends, this Jumperoo has saved me... more times than I can count! I would be just about ready to give up sometimes, between singing Old McDonald till my ears just couldn’t take it anymore, and doing airplane around the house, until my arms couldn’t. This Jumperoo ended up being my first go‐to move after seeing the happiness it brought to my daughter.

My daughter has tried out a few other jumpers that either were hard to bounce, or didn’t have interesting toys. This jumper has it all! With this jumper, she has the ability to bounce with ease to her heart’s content. All while seated in a comfy and cute polka‐dot frog. The fabric seat can be removed and put in the washing machine for those unfortunate leaks and blow‐out messes we all love cleaning up, ugh (insert sarcasm)!

Set up was easy with well written instructions and detailed images. The sturdy design makes me feel comfortable putting her in it, especially since the purpose of this toy is to jump and bounce around. It has a sturdy circular frame that while being solid, is remarkably easy to move. The seat has a cute red and yellow frog that my daughter immediately smiled at when she saw it. The jumper has three height levels to fit your ever‐growing child. The straps are easily adjustable and it only takes a minute or two to get your desired result. When you are thinking of adjusting the height on this jumper, my suggestion is to adjust the straps without your child in the jumper; it would prove too difficult and dangerous. You do not want to tip your child when he or she is seated in the toy. Unless your child has a very large growth spurt, you should only have to go up one level at a time.

There are many toys to play with on this jumper! From simple pleasures, like spinning a color wheel, or grabbing the parrot or monkey while she bounces, this toy also teaches cause and effect. This makes for a fun way to learn. When your child pushes a yellow bar a tiger pops up out of the grass. Also, when you turn the elephant toward you, you can see its face. Lights and sounds emit from the front play station as she bounces and plays with the toys. (Parent note: There is an On/Off switch for sound. As well as a “high” volume and different musical mode switch options).

Oh, Jumperoo, how I will miss you when my daughter outgrows your frame (you must be less than 25 lbs and less than 3 2” in height). After months of use, it still makes my daughter smile and giggle. In return, I am one happy Mommy. A win‐win, that’s for sure. Now, that’s a great toy!

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