PullyPalz – The Cute Pacifier Toy!

Sometimes I don’t know what my daughter loves more… her pacifier, or the act of switching out her pacifiers. She especially loves switching them out when she is getting ready to take a nap. This seems to calm her mind down and help get her into the mood. It cracks me up to see her practically asleep and then do one last switch before drifting off to neverland. But, these switches come at a price sometimes. She can be getting herself to her happy/sleepy place and do a switch, but then (more often than not) one of the pacifiers goes flying. This is not good for mommy! This means, I better have a backup ready for when she is looking for another switch out, or she is going to fully wake up. Oh nooo… not when I need to do X, Y, and Z! That’s why I was really excited to partner with PullyPalz!

PullyPalz is a great way to keep your little one’s pacifiers in one spot and clean! PullyPalz is compatible with many different pacifier brands including: Tommee Tippee, Avent (with handles), Avent Soothie, NUK, Playtex Binky, Dr. Brown’s, Mam, and Nuby. You can find this adorable toy in three fun characters, a cow, monkey or frog! They are all so cute; it will be hard to choose. Their fun colors and happy faces will be sure to delight your child and the “pulley” aspect will be sure to entertain them.

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