KneeBees Protect Our Kids From Playtime Mishaps!

I received these KneeBees knee pads at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

It’s inevitable. Our kids are going to fall and hurt themselves. It’s an upsetting time for both child and parent. Although I can’t put my daughter in a nice little protective bubble, I would like to be able to eliminate a few bumps, scrapes and Band-Aids. That’s why I am excited to partner with KneeBees and tell you all about them!

KneeBees is a family-owned and operated company that offers knee and elbow pads, as well as other safety items. From helping your baby learn to crawl to playing on the playground, your little one's knees and elbows will be protected and free of boo boo’s.

KneeBees not only protects your child, but also looks adorable too! From solids to stripes you have a ton of colors to choose from. They also carry knee pads that have rubber traction, which are designed specifically for babies who are learning to crawl. No sliding around on hard wood floors with these adorable knee pads. Their “regular” knee pads are soft and stretchy for ages 6 months – 8+ years and their traction knee pads are gripping awesome for ages 6 months – 5+ years.

My daughter loves her knee pads and they fit her perfectly! She is able to move around and climb the playground steps without restriction. Now, as my daughter cruises around, I feel like I have protected her from a few bruises and boo boos. That makes me one very happy mama! It certainly doesn’t hurt that they are adorable looking and my daughter loves all the fun colors!

Although I didn’t have any issues with the sizing, my daughter is very young. If your older child feels as if the material is too tight, gently stretch the material to the desired width. The material is double-layered, but very stretchy and soft. If perhaps you stretch the material too much, you can wash the knee pads and they will go back to their original shape. Then you can give it another try. Material consists of 85% Cotton and 15% Spandex / Latex Blend.

The uses for these knee pads seem endless! From learning to crawl, playing on the playground or cruising on a scooter, they will save your child some tears and you, heartache. Sure, we can’t save our child(ren) from every bump and scrape, but why not give them a little protection while we still can. After all, no matter how old they get, they will always be our babies.

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  1. What a cute product! Thanks for sharing :)

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  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2016

    These would be great for my son!

  3. These are cool! My 4 year old tends to be covered in bruises on her knees, something like this would be perfect for all of her crazy, rough play time at the park!

  4. OMG! What an awesome idea! My kids wear holes in their pants and bruise their little knees up so badly!

  5. Such a great idea!! I think my clumsy kiddo should just wear them all the time lol!!

  6. These would be awesome for the great grandchildren, since I have 4 that could use them.

  7. These not only protect the children's knees, they add style to their clothes. I like them. I used to call my babies when they were first walking - little drunks. They tripped and fell like them too! These will come in handy!!

  8. This is a cute idea. My rainbow is coming next month. We have slate flooring (not my choice) in our kitchen. With my 5 year old we did not have the floor yet. This one I worry about the knees.