Bubble Magic with the 1byone Professional Bubble Machine!

I received the 1byone Professional Bubble Machine at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Every child loves bubbles and my daughter is no exception. She constantly wants “more bubbles”! and always makes sure to know where they are stored. Even if I move their location, she remembers and stands there pleading for “bubbles, more bubbles!” When I found out about 1byOne’s Professional Bubble Machine with High Output, I knew I had to partner with them to try out this really cool product!

1byone creates products to make people’s lives easier and more fulfilling through the power of technology. They want 100% user satisfaction and offer a worry-free guarantee, ensuring that you get quick and reliable service when you need it. I love the sound of that!

Upon first use of the bubble machine, I was pleasantly surprised at how super easy it was to use. Everything is self-explanatory and you really don’t need any directions. All you have to do is pour your bubble solution (they recommend using high-quality, water-based bubble liquid) in the reservoir area, plug in your power cord and turn the power switch on. Really, that’s it! Then just sit back and enjoy all the bubbles!   

The bubble machine really does have a high output of small bubbles! With 18-22 rotations per minute, in no time you will have created thousands of bubbles with the touch of a button. Now, that’s impressive! No more getting light-headed from blowing bubbles for my daughter all day long anymore. Whew! This bubble machine definitely satisfies her bubble craving and gives me a break as well. Now, I can run through the bubbles with her, or just sit back and watch her have a blast all on her own.

This machine is so much fun and easy to use. With its light weight design (under 6 lbs) and carrying handle, its perfect for on-the-go use. I can picture this being particularly fun to use on holidays and/or special occasions. The bubbles look magical floating through the air and would be a fun alterative to throwing rice at a wedding!

It is recommended to clean your bubble machine after every 40 hours of operation or before storing for more than 1 week. This will help keep your bubble machine running in tip-top shape and save you the trouble of replacing any parts and paying for repairs. The area underneath the bubble machine will become wet during use. I would suggest placing the machine on a tarp or something you don’t mind getting wet. Just to be on the safe side.  

My daughter adores her bubble machine and the infinite number of bubbles that it produces. Whether she runs through the bubbles, or they pass her by, she has a blast popping them whenever they get near. With giggles and laughter galore, this machine has produced hours of fun for both my daughter and I.

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