Sprout Organic Foods Taste How Mother Nature Intended… Naturally Delicious!

I received these items at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Making sure our children have a well balanced diet is essential and vital to their growth and development. Sometimes it can be tricky and quite challenging when your little one doesn’t want to eat their veggies or other oh-so-important foods. That’s why I am super excited to partner with Sprout and tell you all about their delicious AND nutritious food. And the cherry on top?... it's organic!

Sprout Organic Foods was launched in 2008 with the mission to develop wholesome, organic baby food products that tasted like no others on the market. In 2012 they expanded to toddler meals and then a year later Toddler Snacks, as well as nutritious smoothies and snacks for all ages! They only use ingredients from certified-organic growers and their organic blends are minimally processed and made only with ingredients you would find in your own kitchen.

Their recipes feature tasty combinations of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains that let the amazing taste of the organic ingredients shine through. No need for additives, fillers, thickeners, or preservatives. That is Sprout’s Honesty Pledge.

A really interesting fact about Sprout is that they were the very first company to put baby food in a pouch!  I think that’s amazing that they pioneered this new, inventive way to deliver food to your child. Perfect for on-the-go families!

My daughter had never tried Sprout Organic Foods before and I couldn’t wait to see what she thought of them. The first food I gave her were the Ancient Grain Crisps in Apple Cinnamon. She immediately dug right in and was loving the taste and crunch! I wasn’t sure if she would like this style as she never had anything like it before, but she loved them and wanted “more”. After my daughter had so happily munched on a bunch, I had to try some too, and I think they are pretty yummy as well! A snacking treat for Toddlers on up!

Next, she tried the Strawberry, Pear and Banana puree, perfect for babies ages 6 months and up. This is part of their Stage 2 foods and my daughter couldn’t get enough of it! She devoured this pouch and kept trying to get any last drops out. It was so cute, it was definitely a winner! Ever since her first taste whenever she would see the pouches on the kitchen counter, she would reach for them and say “I like those”! They have been a staple ever since!

Lastly, she tried the Quinoa Puffs in Mango Carrot. As soon as I handed her the container she reached in and popped a few in her mouth. Another success! I love bringing these snacks in the car when I need to run errands. They don’t make a mess and her hands aren’t sticky after she has eaten a bunch. They work really well for us and she enjoys snacking on them. Babies who can crawl with their stomach off the floor, self-feed with fingers, use their jaw to mash food, and eat thicker solids with larger pieces are perfect candidates for these bite-sized baby snacks.

With all the yummy flavors and combos, my daughter has enjoyed new foods that she hasn’t had before, like spinach. Spinach is so good for you and now it is a part of her diet, which I am really happy about! I just love how Sprout is committed to using whole foods and making sure that their recipes are as close as possible to how mother nature intended. That sounds absolutely perfect to me!

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