KidloLand Makes App-Time Educational & Fun!

I received a year’s subscription to KidloLand at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

We’ve all done it! We’ve given our child an electronic toy to play with for maybe more time than we should have allowed. Whether you’re doing the dishes, folding what seems to be about 20 loads of laundry (ugh!), or fighting the inevitable battle of tidying up the house, we have all caved at one time or another to keep our little ones entertained. Well, no more guilt-trip my friends, I have found an amazingly fun and educational app that will make your child, and you, happy! I have partnered with KidloLand to tell you all about their educational app!

KidloLand has everything from Nursery Rhymes and songs, to educational games and more! They have fun characters that dance, sing and move about throughout the song or activity your child is viewing. Right now KidloLand has over 300 rhymes and educational songs! Wow!

You will find all the popular age-old nursery rhymes like Mary Had a Little Lamb, all paired with fresh, fun characters.  This app not only has fun songs and lullabies, but it also teaches your child about fruit, the alphabet, vehicles, colors, shapes and so much more!

This app encourages interaction, so your child won’t be like a little zombie staring at the screen. They use little watermark-like arrows and hands to point to things on the screen. When you touch the item they are pointing to, it does something. For example: if it’s pointing to an apple tree and you touch it, apples fall down. If you touch a bear on a cloud he tumbles down and then lands back on the cloud again, so you can repeat this over and over until the scene changes. It’s really cute and fun.

That’s another thing I really like about KidloLand… it’s activities are ever moving, which keeps your child entertained. If your little one is too little to interact with a nursery rhyme, that’s ok, the scenes change throughout the song and they can enjoy it, just as it is. But, if your child is older, they can find all the “hidden” surprises throughout each song or game to see what they can uncover. My daughter laughed every time she touched the bears on the clouds to make them fall off. So silly!

I always find it amazing how my daughter can find things on my phone that I never knew where there. Well, she has surprised me with this app, too. She found a number of hidden interactions that I didn’t even see. She scrolls around, finds what she wants, selects it, backs out and finds something else when she is ready. She figured it all out like a pro!

Here's a short video of my daughter playing with the KidloLand App.

A great feature about KidloLand is that once you download all the songs, games, etc. that you want (while connected to the internet), you can play them all you want offline. Which means those long summer road trips that will leave your child saying… are we there yet?!… might be gone for good! We brought my Kindle along on our summer road trip and when my daughter got to the point where she was just ready to get out, I handed her the Kindle. Then there is was ……. laughter….. YES!….. giggles….. YES! My husband and I high-fived each other with our success. It got her out of that train of thought and we were able to finish our last little piece of our road trip… in peace... phew!

With no advertisements (love it!!!), 100+ educational activities that encourage cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination, fun animations, easy to use and child-friendly (designed specifically for ages 0-5), learning songs and more, you are going to love all that KidloLand has to offer! See, I knew you would feel less guilty about screen time. After all, just think of all that learning they will accomplish!

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  1. This looks great! I love that it has no ads. My kids love YouTube Kids, but I don't let them watch it anymore because the advertising is a deal-breaker for me. This sounds perfect for my little preschooler!

  2. how cute and cool,my grandkids would love this

  3. I like that it works offline. My nieces could use it anywhere.

  4. I would love this for my two younger grandchildren, would have to get them a tablet to use this on though. I love that this helps them to learn.

  5. I like that it works offline. My niece would love this.