Littlebeam Helps Us to Bond With Our Children!

I received the items shown in the above image at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

My daughter loves to play mommy. She has a baby doll that she always carries around and even pretends to comb her very apparent bald head, hehe. My little sweetheart loves to take care of her little girl and that’s why I am excited to partner with littlebeam. I can’t wait to tell you about their adorable babybeam toddler pillow and Just Like Mommy Book!

Littlebeam makes beautiful nursing pillows for the breastfeeding mama and are designed by a Lactation Consultant. Littlebeam started out due to a mother’s desire for a comfortable fitting nursing pillow. The product has evolved over the years and with her daughter’s help in creating the final product, they named it littlebeam!

With littlebeam, came babybeam. Quite possibly the cutest little toddler pillow ever! It’s the same shape as the littlebeam, but now toddler-sized! With it’s cute, fun shape and the absolutely adorable print, my daughter loves it! She has such a wonderful time playing mommy with it, putting her baby to sleep on it and holding her on her lap.

The babybeam is a fantastic way for a child to feel closer to their mom and new sibling during feedings. This cute pillow, with its convenient size, also makes for a great travel or nap pillow.

Littlebeam’s Just Like Mommy book is a wonderful way to share and explain to your child that they too can take care of a baby… just like mommy. The book goes various childcare situations such as; waking up the baby, feeding, playing, bathtime, bedtime and more. The book shows how the little child can do all the things mommy can do, but with her little doll.

Having a new baby in the house can make the older child feel second fiddle. This book illustrates ways in which they can relate to their new addition to their family. With this book leading the way, your child can be shown how they can care for their little baby doll, just like mommy is taking care of their new little baby brother or sister. A wonderful way for your child to bond with the new baby, so they feel a part of the experience.

My daughter loves her new book and toddler pillow and has learned to play mommy in a whole new way. She loves dressing her baby and has fun pretending to spoon feed her doll while propped up on the pillow. Going night night now involves a comfy little pillow and making sure it’s perfectly adjusted to her baby doll’s needs.

Showing our children how to love and care for one another is important. Through such a simple act we nurture our children to become compassionate and thoughtful adults. Which the world could always use more of!

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  1. THIS would be great for my grandbabies.

  2. THIS would be great for my grandbabies.

  3. Aww adorable. She's a good little mommy :) My son and his wife just welcomed their second child, a baby girl, in June and she has chosen to breastfeed. I'm sure she would love one of these pillows for the toddler years.

  4. Such a great set!! How perfect to introduce a new baby too!! Could be a big sister gift!!

  5. That is really sweet! What a nice little set.

  6. This would be great for my niece.

  7. This is so nice. My granddaughter loves playing mommy with her dolls. She would love this. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless