Infant Acid Reflux Solutions - A Mother's Story

This is a Guest Post by Kali Newby who's son had acid reflux. This is her story and experience with TummyCare Max. All opinions are her own. If you are a parent or caregiver of a baby who is experiencing acid reflux, this article is for you. I hope the information that follows will give you the help and guidance you need. Health and best wishes to your family.
Here we go again with yet another doctor telling me my sweet baby has colic… Here comes another “He’s gaining weight, so he's fine.” NO. My baby was not fine. These doctors weren't at home watching my son scream like a fire breathing dragon as the projectile vomit came up. These doctors were not at home when my sweet baby was crying in pain while arching his back as you could smell the sourness coming from his breath.

Acid reflux. GERD. My baby was in pain because he has GERD, NOT COLIC!

Nobody understood what my son and me were going through, not the doctors or the pediatric gastroenterologists. I was tired of seeing my baby in pain, an innocent baby that didn't deserve to be anything but happy. I found the group Infant Acid Reflux Solutions on Facebook, and that day our whole world changed… I found mothers who were going through the same exact situations that we were going through when I thought I was all-alone.

I finally had hope for the first time in a long time.

I received support from Dr. Jeffery Phillips (Dr. P) and Kira, and they helped my sweet Kylan’s life change for the absolute best! I started researching in the group, reading posts and such made by other parents. I kept seeing parents post about this magical thing called TummyCare Max® and at first I was so lost! But with help and support from others in the group, I finally found out that TummyCare Max® was a buffer that you mix with a PPI (Proton Pumps Inhibitors such as Prilosec®, Prevacid®, Nexium®, etc) and the best part about it is that you don't have to time it around feedings!

I was amazed!

I dove right in and ordered a starter kit. I was amazed at the research and work behind this amazing product and wondered why I hadn't found out about it sooner. We have been through so much before finding TummyCare Max®, and I had no idea how much it truly was going to help my baby and how this treatment would continue to work when other treatments stopped working after a month. Four months into TummyCare Max® and I have a happy baby, a thriving baby, a 6 month old who is happy and healthy, has 4 teeth, weighs 18lbs, sits up, crawls, and can say mama, hug, and “ba ba”.
My sweet Kylan no longer screams in pain, projectile vomits, has sour breath, and never arches his back in pain anymore after a bottle. I have gained friendships with mamas all around the world. I have helped a lot of mamas through the beginning to the end of a baby that is in pain 24/7. I watch the first posts from mamas who are going through the acid battle and don't think they don’t think TummyCare Max® is going to help because so many other treatments have failed them and then I read how their babies are no longer in pain, and that TummyCare Max® saved their babies! It happens every time and every time it makes me so excited to hear a happy ending and about another smiling baby.

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions group on Facebook is not just a group, it is a community of friendships, mamas that help each other through a lot, the only thing that hasn't been seen in a long time on social media which is a mix of women from around the world who do not judge yet give great advice!

Acid Reflux isn't just a baby that spits up a lot, it's much deeper than some people make it out to be whom have never experienced it first hand. When you have children, you do anything and everything to protect them, keep them out of harms way, and to keep them out of pain.
I'm proud to say that Acid Reflux did not take over my baby boys entire first year of his life like what happens in most cases. If you go through this, you are NOT and NEVER will be alone! I will continue to do my absolute best every single day talking to parents that are going through the battle of acid reflux and helping them get their babies better!

I thank God, TummyCare Max®, Dr. Jeffery Phillips, and the Infant Acid Reflux Group. They make babies bellies better and I'm so thankful Kylan is now a precious, active, happy six month old baby!

Disclosure: Kali Newby wanted to share her experience with other parents and wrote this article specifically for Love, Mrs. Mommy readers. Love, Mrs. Mommy received Kali's full permission to post the article, as well as the included pictures.


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