NY Princess Party Makes Dreams Come True!

I received this service at a discounted rate.

Last month my family and I went on vacation to California. While we were there we knew we would have to visit Disneyland, as my daughter loves princesses. She adores everything to do with them…. the songs, dresses, castles, the list goes on and on. My husband and I tried to give our daughter a day of so much fun and excitement, that we nearly exhausted ourselves! We ran from one princess location to the next, trying to meet them all, but we could never meet Aurora. A cast member had told us she was sleeping, and my stomach immediately sank. My daughter had been asking to see Aurora over and over again, especially since we saw her castle and knew she had to be around. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make that dream come true at Disneyland… so being the hardcore mommy that I am, I knew I needed to make this happen!

Every day since Disneyland my daughter asked me when we were going to go back and see Aurora. She was devastated that she didn’t get to see her and that’s when I remembered coming across the amazing company NY Princess Party! My family and I are not from the city, and I hadn’t been there since before my daughter was born, but now was the time!

NY Princess Party is a party service like none other! They come to you dressed in beautiful princess attire and bring games, music, art, crafts and much more to entertain your child. Their party activities encourage movement, listening skills, and creative development! They create a simple, smashing success of a party, that is fantastic fun for both kids and parents alike!

They offer 7 amazing packages that will surely delight your little princess on her special day! Packages are as follows…

If your child has a favorite character, NY Princess Party is sure to have it! They offer a wide variety, such as; The Ice Queen & Winter Princess, Princess Sofia, Princess Daisy the Clown, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Beauty, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid Princess (in fin dress or blue land dress), Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Green Fairy Princess, Arabian Princess, Frog Princess, Ballerina Princess, Pinkalicious, Mary Poppins, Prince Character, and a Pirate Character.

My daughter, of course, wanted to meet Aurora and since we were only going to be in the city for a day, I opted for the 30 Minute Princess Visit, which is a one-on-one visit with the “birthday girl”. Perfect for a more low-key birthday, or a special visit before friends arrive to party! Of course, this wasn’t my daughter’s birthday, but rather a very special occasion for a sweet daughter who has been wanting to meet one of her favorite princesses and who has been potty training like a trooper!

Setting up the meeting and working with the staff at NY Princess Party was a breeze! They were there for me every step of the way from setting it up, all the way to the execution of the get together. Their team is incredibly nice and they were happy to work with me to get the perfect party plan for me and my daughter.

All the employees that work at NY Princess Party are actors and actresses. I just love this, because who would be better to portray the magical wonder of a princess than an actress?! I even had a few special messages for Princess Aurora to tell my daughter when they met and the company noted that they would be happy to oblige. After all, my daughter thought the princesses lived in Disneyland… I had told my daughter that Aurora was going on vacation and we were going to meet her while she was in NYC.

The lovely woman who portrayed Aurora for my daughter was beyond amazing! She was helpful and nice, even when we were a bit late due to our taxi dropping us off 13 blocks too soon (oh noo!!). We even had to get a Pedicab ride to take us to the location where she was patiently waiting for us. She was sitting regally in full Princess Aurora attire with a sparkling crown and all. Once my daughter caught a glimpse of her, her eyes lit up in amazement.

Aurora talked to my daughter and broke the ice with her so that she would feel more comfortable. This was definitely a nice touch, and very sweet. She relayed her special messages and how she was happy to finally have met her while she was on vacation. They sat on a bench and decorated a royal crown together. My daughter had a blast putting on as many stickers as she could. It was so sweet to see how much fun they were having together and to see her wear her beautiful creation.

Princess Aurora also read my daughter a fun story and sprinkled pixie dust on her as she made a wish. Then what happened, might have been my daughter’s favorite thing of all. Aurora sang to her and they danced together! As Aurora sang her ever-famous song… Once Upon A Dream… my daughter beamed in delight and danced with her. As they twirled and danced, my daughter couldn’t have looked any happier!

To my daughter’s delight, Aurora sang other snippet’s of other princess songs and my daughter used her imagination to change into other princess dresses as she sang. They stomped their foot on the ground and pretended to be Elsa, twirled like Aurora, and curtsied like Belle. So many princess dreams were coming true for my daughter, it was beyond amazing.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Aurora gave my daughter a parting gift. This would be the absolutely perfect touch for a birthday! Of course, who doesn’t like getting a present on any given day, am I right?! Hehe. Aurora gave her a princess activity set that included 25 ft of activities, stickers, crayons and more! It was so sweet and my daughter wanted to open it right away!

As my daughter’s first adventure in the Big Apple ended, her wonderful time with Aurora was being put in her memory bank. The first thing she said to me when she woke up the next day was how she wanted to see Aurora again and have more fun. Score for Mommy! I had given my daughter a time she will cherish forever all in thanks to the lovely Casey Tucker who portrayed Aurora and the amazing staff at NY Princess Party. They are making children’s dreams come true every day, and I am so glad I could do that for my daughter.

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