How To Style For Fall And Winter With Hats!

This is a Guest Post by Andy Peterson. I only share with my readers' information that I find fun, informative, or helpful. Enjoy!

We are approaching the season of the infamous pumpkin lattes, fabulous scarves and chilly days. What is most exciting about this time of the year, is how much fun we can have with several accessories at the same time, without looking like we have overdone it.

My favorite accessory to play with is a hat. Sometimes, it may seem as it is only needed when it’s functional, however, a hat is a great fashion statement. It’s a bold addition that will be sure to turn heads when worn properly.

5 Different Ways You Can Style A Hat:

The Skinny Jeans: If you pair these jeans with boots, a black long sleeve turtleneck, and a hat you will look chic and versatile for any occasion. A good style of hat that will go with this look is a fedora, wide brim fedora or even a men's flat cap (yes a flat cap). They are not exclusive to men, women can wear them as well.

The Women’s Pantsuit: Who said that only men can wear a fedora with a suit? If styled right, a woman can certainly turn heads and look stylish and elegant without looking out of place. The secret is to always be sure to wear a fitted suit that will hug your curves and be sure to include a statement jewelry piece to complete the look.

The Fitted Dress: Dresses paired up with tights, boots, along with a beret, will give you a European chic look that will surely keep your head warm. It’s a win-win in terms of function and style!

The Black Leather Jacket: This jacket, whether it is faux or real, goes with many hat styles. A pork pie hat, a wide brim hat or even a cowgirl hat will be a great accessory to pair with this winter jacket.

The Poncho: Who doesn’t love a poncho? They are extremely comfortable and are certainly a great reason to wear a newsboy cap, a fedora or any wide brim hat. You can give this glamorous look if you pair your hat with sunglasses, a cute pair of flats and a pair of faux or real leather pants.

When dressing up this winter, don’t get stuck in the same old routine. Jazz up your everyday outfits with a hat. I guarantee you will feel like a million dollars once you put it on and head out the door.


  1. Great article! I will have to add a hat (or two) to my wardrobe! Not sure who gets credit but this statement is fitting! "Fashion is a kind of communication. It's a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself."

  2. Thank you for sharing the how to with hats. Winter is on its way. Great article. God Bless