3 Trendy Christmas Gift Fashion Ideas for New Moms!

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Do you have that one special woman in your life, a new mom, who has always been a fashionista? Even motherhood won’t distract her from keeping up with the latest trends, but this leaves you in a quandary over just what to get her this Christmas. Some of the things you would have given before motherhood just don’t seem appropriate at the moment, but she is fashion-conscious, nonetheless. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for new moms who pride themselves on keeping up with the latest trends – and maybe even setting a few themselves!

1. Oversized Blouses
One of the things which most women lament is the fact that their once trim body isn’t quite as trim as they remember it before pregnancy. Also, with nighttime feedings and infant care around the clock, it is more difficult than ever before to find the time and energy it takes to get back into a regular fitness routine. What about an oversized shirt or blouse? There are some lovely designer selections available such as those in the Plan C collection. A white oversized shirt with a complementary brown collar is trendy enough to suit the most discerning fashionista yet loose enough to hide those extra curves until they are worked off again.

2. Dual-Purpose Trendy Accessories
What about that big and cumbersome diaper bag she is now toting? Don’t you think she’d like something a bit more fashionable? Have you considered the lovely (and trendy!) array of big Saint Laurent bags? Many of these bags by Saint Laurent as found on the SSENSE website can serve a dual purpose. This particular site has offerings from all the currently trending designers so this is a gift she’ll surely love! They are fashionably large so they can serve as a diaper bag but trendy enough to work as a day bag when out and about.

3. Stylish Leather Baseball Caps
When it comes to getting ready to hit the stores or spend a day at the park, what new mom really has time to do her hair as she once did. Yes, there will come a time when she can hit the salons regularly but, in the meantime, what to do with her hair? You can’t lose when giving a black brushed leather baseball cap designed by rag & bone. These are high-end leather caps so anyone who sees mom donning a trendy cap will think it’s a fashion statement for female sports enthusiasts and not a way to conceal hair which badly needs a stylist!

The one thing to always remember is that even new moms like to keep up with the latest fashions and trends in apparel. You know her likes and dislikes, so this year give her something that is perfect for a new mom while helping her retain her sense of fashion. From a trendy baseball cap to dual-purpose designer accessories, you can easily find the perfect gift for the most discerning of women. Just because she’s a mom now doesn’t mean she’s lost her taste for fashion. Give a fashion statement as usual but temper it with a flavor of motherhood. Make it a Christmas to remember.


  1. Anyone who is a mommy can tell you know what you’re talking about!! For me, after I had my last 3 !! babies, I was so embarrassed of my body! I felt flabby and miserable, because I knew my wardrobe for a while was maternity clothes. Also my last three babies were big and it seemed like it took forever for my uterus to shrink! Even breastfeeding didn’t help as fast as it usually did. I saved the oversized flowing blouses until I knew I wasn’t going to have anymore babies.
    The only way that I would have had a designer diaper bag was if I received it as a gift 🎁 Adding an addition to our family was expensive. I wore bandannas to hide my hair. That was the in thing back then. But I did start wearing caps 🧢 and hats when all my hair fell out. I didn’t like a bald head 😎

  2. These are some great gift ideas for the new moms. I really like the idea of oversized blouses. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. A Lot here great ideas. If you are a new mommy this is a great place to start.

  4. These are great Christmas gift ideas for new moms, thank you so much for sharing! I personally loved having a diaper bag that didn't look like one.