5 Easy Looks to Make New Moms Feel Stylish!

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This is a guest post. I only share information that I find fun, informative, or important. Enjoy!

When you are a new mom, it might feel like the last thing you ever want to do is dress up and look nice. Nevertheless, there are some key things you can choose to help you feel a little bit more stylish. Whether you are just popping out for a walk around the neighborhood or you are heading out for a longer affair, having a few stylish outfits to hand is going to be just the thing you need.

Here are some of the things you should choose if you want to dress up a little and feel more like yourself.

Wrap Dresses
If you want to feel a little glam with minimal effort, a wrap dress is the way to do it. These dresses are flattering on nearly all figures and can be as casual or as fancy as you need them to be. Available in all sorts of lengths and with a multitude of patterns out there for you to explore, you should definitely consider adding a wrap dress to your wardrobe if you do not already have one.

Midi Skirts
Midi skirts have majorly come back into fashion. Hitting between the knee and the ankle, this is a great style of skirt for anyone who doesn’t want swathes of material covering their lower half but is cautious about raising that hemline. Since midi skirts are so big at the moment, you can find them in pretty much any material you could ever want. From loose floaty cotton to daring leather and more, building a look around the perfect midi skirt is easier than you might think. They can be worn with t-shirts, jumpers, or even a smart blouse. If you are looking for a versatile garment you can’t go wrong with a midi skirt. The number of outfits you could get out of the right one might be amazing.

Jeans and a Jumper
There will always be something effortlessly chic about jeans and a jumper when done right. With the right pair of jeans, you can style this outfit up differently every day if you have to. Investing in cozy pieces like a cashmere jumper means that you will also have statement pieces for life. Finish off this look with a pair of boots by Dune for an outfit which is casual but well-put-together no matter what.

Florals and a Leather Jacket
Playing with the contrasts of a leather jacket and a floral dress is always cute. It is an easy way to make any outfit a little more edgy. Picking a black dress with bright florals and then adding a black leather jacket over the top is a great look for autumn. Come spring, you can transition your florals to something a little brighter while still keeping things cool with the jacket. Tights and ankle boots are the perfect way to finish this look.

With athleisure, it is very easy to slip into leggings and a t-shirt. This won’t always make you feel the most stylish. Luckily, there are many athleisure brands which offer stylish pieces which will always make you feel like your best. From comfortable leggings to cropped jumpers and warm hoodies, the right athleisure pieces mean that you can step out of your home in the comfiest of clothes while still looking stylish.

Finding your style again once you are a mom can be very difficult. Throwing on clothes just because they are easy to wear is a hard rut to get out of but it is more than possible. Find some clothes which speak to you and before you know it you will be dressing much more stylishly again. Perhaps you’ll even take things further; with your new style in place, you could update your hairstyle, try different makeup, or even deal with your overbite after many years of complaining about it. Being stylish will give you the confidence to make the changes you want to make and be the woman you want to be.


  1. Great post...most new moms need a lift in their self-esteem when it comes to their looks. Especially with a touch of post-partum depression.

  2. Thanks for the tips this momma sure could use all the tips she can get lol.

  3. As a momma of 4 these are great looks! love it!