Blue’s Clues & You! Caring With Blue DVD Review!


Get ready Blue’s Clues & You fans! I have some exciting news that you and your child(ren) are going to flip for! Ready?!....Nickelodeon just released a new DVD called Caring with Blue and your kids are going to love it just like mine did! 

Caring With Blue is such a great DVD for kids. It touches on a bunch of important topics for kids including getting new glasses, feeling sad, learning to be healthy, and being silly! The interactive nature of this show will get your kids guessing along and trying to help Josh. It puts them in a position where they feel like they are part of the show and they love that. Blue’s Clues & You! is educational, fun, and a sweet show for all kids. Here is some press information on this brand new DVD… 

In the Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue DVD, Blue and her friends play Blue’s Clues to learn about all kinds of emotions–Josh is feeling silly, Magenta is so excited to get new glasses and Blue is feeling a bit sad. The DVD will also include special episodes from Josh & Blue’s VLOG and eight American Sign Language flash cards featuring Josh and words from the show. 

Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue Episodes: 
Laugh with Blue 
Getting Glasses with Magenta 
Sad Day with Blue 
Getting Healthy with Blue 

Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue Special Features: 
Silly Town Skidoo 
Skidoo to Blue’s School 
Josh & Blue’s Superhero Skidoo 
Josh & Blue’s VLOG! 
Nursery Rhymes + Guessing Game! 
Healthy Snacks Song + Magenta Gets Glasses! 
Find the Snail + Play Time Sing Along! 
Play Hide & Seek + Music Guessing Game! 
Science Experiment + Sing Alongs! 
Learn Sign Language with Josh & Blue 
Learn How to Wash Your Hands with Josh & Blue 

Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue Fast Facts: 
Retail Street Date: October 6, 2020 
Running Time: 1 hr 30 min 
Special Features Running Time: 44 min 

My daughter and son love this DVD! I had a lot of fun sitting with them and watching how engaged my daughter was with all the clues and helping Josh. My son loves Blue and the music too! It really is a great show for kids and all the extras on this DVD make it EXTRA (wink!) special! 

What episode on this DVD do you think your child(ren) would like best?

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  1. My son loves Blue's Clue's too. My oldest son loved it too, it's funny when the shows he watched come back around for my little to watch too!

  2. My cousin loves this show!


  3. With there being so many cartoons and television shows to watch, I make sure to expose the twins to shows that my older kids enjoy.Blue's Clues is great to keep the kids focused and learning. I love that they have to find clues!

  4. My granddaughters love to watch Blues Clues. This makes learning fun for kids.

  5. Blue’s Clues is a great show for kids to watch.

  6. I don't think I've seen a Blue's Clues with Josh. Looking forward to seeing it!