Laser Battle Hunters is the Coolest RC Toy on the Market!


What kid doesn’t love a remote control toy?! Well my friends, I think I found the coolest one yet!! My kids and my husband haven’t let these controllers go cold and I can barely get my hands on them! I can’t wait to tell you about this awesome new toy called Laser Battle Hunters! They are hot on the market right now and I am so glad I partnered with them, so I can show you all their cool features! Keep reading for a video of them in action, too!

Laser Battle Hunters is sold as a 2-pack, so this works great as a money-saving option this holiday season. Also, no worries if your child doesn’t have a sibling to play with, there is an autonomous mode so they can still have just as much fun playing against the computer to hone their skills.

There are a ton of features to these laser tag RC cars that really make them exciting! My favorites include; their ability to have up to 8 kids playing at once, their unbelievably cool OmniWheel maneuverability where you can drive sideways (I love this!), 360 degree spins, drifting capability, and of course the lasers with cool sound effects!

The object of the game is to try to hit your opponents car with your laser before they tag you. When a car does get hit, the car rocks back and forth, showing they’ve been tagged. When your car has been hit three times, you are now out. You have to turn your car off and then on to reset it for more playing fun.

A bonus feature is that these cars come with stickers so you can customize them to look just how you want.

I am super impressed with how well these cars drive, and even on top of our rug, which is amazing! They would be great on pavement too, as their big wheels can cruise over rough gravel. This game is for kids ages 5+, but even my not-quite-yet 2 year old, loves it! He’s getting a thrill out of figuring out the joystick and getting his car to move! Yup, our whole family loves these cars!

Watch our fun video of them in action here:

Laser Battle Hunters is a toy that is going to make a lot of kids happy this holiday season! My guess is that you better get shopping now, before they are sold out! You can buy them at Walmart for only $49.97! A steal for 2 RC cars, 2 Joysticks, and all these features! We love them and know your kids will be thrilled with them too! Happy Holidays!

Check out the Laser Battle Hunters TV Commercial: 

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  1. These look very cool and like a lot of fun! My son and nieces would love these.

  2. These are awesome! Our grandson would love one.

  3. My nephew would love to play with these. Thanks for posting!

  4. I can see how much fun kids will have with these.

  5. My 6 year old is really into RC cars right now. But none of them last very long at all! Are these lasting with yours?

    1. I know what you mean, because I have had the same troubles with other RC cars too, but these are incredibly sturdy! They are rough and tumble with my not even two year old tossing them behind the couch (more than a few times)! The cars have run into each other and they are still working like they are brand new. Definitely work well and are built stronger than the others I have owned, by far!

  6. Too cool. My nephews would love these. Awesome idea for Christmas.

  7. Those look super fun!! Love the way they spin around.

  8. My boys would love to have this even though they're all grown.

  9. remote controlled cars with laser sound effects and drifting capability and up to 8 kids can play at once this is a awesome gift idea for boys and girls alike

  10. These are totally awesome!! I know the boys and even the girls in the family would love these, I like that they have easy to use remotes to them.