Moving In A Pandemic - Safety Tips That Matter

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When it comes to moving home, things can be stressful enough. Moving home in 2021 with a pandemic outside of your four walls can sometimes be a little cherry on top, if the cherry tasted awful and required extra planning to get around.

That said, you needn’t fear. You can adequately move house with care despite the difficulties that might cause further planning, and if anything, this lets you become more organized and much more shrewd with your plans.

Of course, we don’t wish to handwave the very real worries you might have. It’s important to take another look at the drawing board and consider just how to plan this move to keep your family safe, and lessen any contact you may otherwise have with exposure zones. This might require a combination of making concessions and contacting services you trust, to being a little more patient in planning this process.

So - what are the best tips you could and should use here? Let’s consider that, below:

Use Reliable Moving Services

It’s important to use the moving companies that are fully aware of their responsibilities handling your belongings in the midst of Covid. They will wear masks, limit contact time with your items, ensure they are placed in a clean environment, and that they practice social distancing or call ahead to ask what arrangements you would like to make (such as picking up boxes from the driveway rather than coming into your home). Not all removal services will delicately apply this approach as we have laid out, so it can be nice to make sure these considerations have been thought of ahead of time.

Cleaning & Packing

Of course, it can be nice to clean and pack your belongings well despite the Covid restrictions. You might have an on-hand anti-bacterial spray to ensure delivery and receipt of your items is as hygienic as can be. Before bringing them into your home, you may use the new garage as a stop-off point to make sure your items are cleaned and cared for as needed. This can take a longer amount of time, but it can give you the peace of mind necessary to know your items are safe and reliably handled.

Hands-Free Handoffs

Hands free handoffs can be important to keep everyone safe. Picking up the keys from your realtor can be a case of simply picking them up at a drop off point, or having them mailed to your current address. This might also involve having your new router installed to your address for self-install more than anything else. These kinds of efforts help you stay well away from unnecessary contact while still being able to get equipped and set up as every home should be. For workmen or other essential workers to come into your household, you might provide them with hand gel and make sure your family is in alternate rooms (or even out for the day) while this work is taking place or being equipped. In this way, your family can stay safe even during the difficulty of putting a home together.

With this advice, we hope even moving in a pandemic is more than achievable.


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