Safety Tips For Driving With Kids

Driving with kids can be challenging sometimes. Driving requires total concentration and alertness at all times, in order to keep yourself, your kids and others on the road safe. However, little kids might not understand this, and could distract you with questions, noise or other problems. While this isn’t their fault, it can be quite dangerous to drive with so many distractions.

In this blog you will find handy safety tips for driving with kids, and what to do if you do get into an accident. Let’s get started!

Kids Car Entertainment

Firstly, the more effectively your kids are entertained in the car, the easier it is to concentrate on driving. Depending on your rules as a parent, there are different things you can do to entertain your kids that don’t require you losing your concentration! Here are a few different tactics:

  1. Movies. Some parents are against having their kids watch screens in the car, and understandably so. But if you are taking a long drive and want to help your kids relax, putting on their favorite movie on an iPad or phone is a great way to do so. They might even fall asleep watching something familiar that they love, which is bonus points for you! 
  2. Games. Sometimes the old ways are the best, and there’s nothing like a good game of I Spy to keep your kids distracted for a while! 
  3. Toys. Particularly for babies and toddlers, toys that they can hold in their hands like rattles or teddies can distract them from getting upset or fussy during the drive. This doesn’t always work for long, but it’s better than nothing at all! 

Other Tactics For Driving With Kids 

If games or movies don’t work for long, there are other things you can do to make sure you aren’t too distracted by the kids while behind the wheel. 

Let’s think about your kids’ mood while they are in the car. Ideally, your kids should be tired before getting in the car, particularly for long journeys. Ways to achieve this might be to give them a super active few hours before the trip, riding bikes, playing outdoors or doing a sport. This means they might fall asleep in the car, or at least remain calm and quiet for most of the journey. 

Additionally to keeping the kids calm, make sure you have plenty of supplies for the journey, such as healthy snacks, water, music and games to play! 

What To Do If You Get Into A Minor Car Accident 

Getting in an accident when your kids are in the car is an unthinkable scenario. However, most collisions are minor, with a small bump or scrape to your vehicle and no harm to the passengers. If you sustain minor injuries from an accident, make sure to first ensure everyone is safely out of the vehicle and okay. After the collision, contact a personal injury law firm for representation in order to claim on your insurance. 

Overall, safety while driving is all the more important when there are kids in the car with you. Use this guide to help you distract and entertain the kids, so you can drive safely.


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