DIY Garden Improvements For The Summer

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The garden is a valuable asset to the home, especially during the summertime. While the sun is shining, it’s much nicer to eat, socialize and play games with the family outside. No one wants to be stuck indoors, in the kitchen or lounge, right? But the garden has other uses too. It’s our own bit of nature that can help our wellbeing. And it’s a place where we can grow fresh fruit and vegetables for healthier mealtimes.

You may well be looking at a garden that isn’t ready for these activities yet. If so, why not have a go at some DIY garden improvements for summer?


Decking sounds rather nautical. But you don’t have to be living on the coast to reap the benefits of a decked area in your garden. Yes, decking prices can be steep but installing it yourself could keep some of the costs down.

Before you start, make sure you plot out the shape and size you’d like it to be. Don’t forget to allow space for seating, barbeques or other furniture you plan to use on it. And remember to include safety and handrails where necessary too. Once you’ve got a plan, you can budget your materials for the job.

Raised beds

Raised beds are so useful in the garden, providing neat and distinct areas for flowers, plants and vegetables. They’re not too difficult to assemble either. For a basic raised bed, you only need some wood, a saw and some suitable fixings. To make sure the beds last a long time, you may wish to paint them or use a wood preservative.

Especially when growing vegetables, it’s important to make sure the bed is deep enough. You’ll need to allow enough room for plant and root growth.

Upcycled planters

Creating new planters for your summer flowers is a simple little project that you could probably do on a spare afternoon or weekend. The great thing about this DIY task, is that you can upcycle so many old or broken household items into planters.

Food cans are great for potting up herbs and small flowers, they just need the sharp edges removed and a quick spray of paint. But old wellies, kitchen pans, wine boxes, colanders and watering cans can all be upcycled. Do remember to add some drainage holes though!

These DIY improvements can add some extra practicality and fun to your garden. What DIY projects have you already tried in your garden?


  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! I would love to have a beautiful deck, I think they really add to the appeal of a backyard. I really like upcycled planters too!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I've been considering trying to do a garden again. It's been a few years since my last one.

  3. A lot of great tips/info here. going to share with my niece she want raised beds because of her knees. She always brings me fresh veggies and herbs from her gardens

  4. Great tips and suggestions. Big fan of raised bed, senior with hip problems. I watched a facebook post recently and they used concrete blocks to build it. then placed a flat block so you would have a place to sit

  5. Awesome tips. I'm hoping to really start gardening with my three kiddos this spring and summer.