iSeek Books Bring The Fun in Educational Learning!

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I think it's really important to foster a love of learning in our children. Their brains are growing so rapidly at their young age, and they soak up everything around them. I love fun, educational books and learning materials for my kids. So when I found out about these great new books by iSeek, I had to look into them further! I want to give them a big “Thanks!” for partnering with me so I could show you a wonderful selection of their great books!

iSeek books are fantastic learning tools that spark a child's imagination, encourage multi-sensory learning, and so much more! They just came out with a brand new line of books this year with a total of 14 titles in 7 series! All books are great for ages 3+, except the Design & Draw and the Fingerprint books - those are for ages 5+. Plus, they are all reasonably priced from $7.99-$12.99!

Check out all 14 titles here:
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I was really excited to give my daughter some new learning books. She has a thirst for knowledge and I want to encourage her love of learning… and iSeek did not disappoint! As soon as I gave her the first book, Let's Learn: First Math Skills (Write and Wipe), she dove right in… doing MATH! I told you, she loves learning! A really nice feature about the "Write and Wipe" books are that they come with a dry erase marker. This way you can use these pages over and over again and pass them from one child to the next. It stretches its use and your dollar!

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Then, she moved on to the Design and Draw 50 Cat Outfits' book. In this book, your child can come up with 50 different outfits, for different themed cats! It’s too cute! They have rock star, princess, doctor, etc. cats and it’s such a fun way to be creative and use your imagination.

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There are so many great learning books under the iSeek name. I love their Fingerprint books, too! They are so sweet and not only are fun to make, but are really cute keepsakes for us parents. Our kids tiny little fingerprints turned into a drawing, all in one convenient book to keep for years to come.

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But iSeek doesn't stop there. They also help your children to learn how to write, use scissors, trace, and draw. All while being creative and having fun! After all, learning should be fun! It makes us smarter, makes us feel good about ourselves, and helps to build confidence. That is a big win for everyone!

My daughter loves her new books and they are keeping her entertained and happy... which makes me one thrilled mama. Check out all the 14 brand new titles and let me know which one is your favorite?

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  1. this would help out so much

  2. I agree with you. It's important to foster a love of reading and learning when they are young. They make such big strides those years.

  3. These would be perfect for my nieces. I know they would enjoy the activities.

  4. All of these books would be great to have. But my number 1 choice would be the "write and wipe" books. My great niece has a couple and she loves them

  5. These look Soooo fun!!! My 5 and 7 year olds would go crazy for them.

  6. These activity books are awesome, all 3 of my kids would love them! I am a big fan if the fry erase ones that can be used over and over again!

  7. These seem very fun and educational. With my wild boys ..I almost have to have that combination or they aren't thanks for sharing these awesome books!