9 Ways To Bring Up A Happy, Healthy, Secure Human Being

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As a parent, your job is to make sure your kids live the best possible life. They’re to be kept safe both physically and mentally so that they can go on to live a tremendous existence. Once they turn eighteen years old (give or take), they’ll be ready to fly and do things on their own. Your role beforehand is to ensure they have every advantage going into this.

As a new parent or someone completely away from the idea of ever being a caregiver, this thought can be quite daunting. While it’s a big responsibility, it’s entirely doable. If nobody could raise a child properly, then we’d all be in a huge mess – nobody would ever bother housing children! Looking after kids is all about learning on the job and creating all the right habits. Here are 9 ways you can bring up a happy, healthy, and secure human being, and turn them into competent, confident adults:

Set The Perfect Example For Them

Your kids will look to you at pretty much every turn. Whatever they’re planning on doing, they’ll ask you or your partner for help. It’s only natural for them to look at their guardian as the all-knowing party. They’ll also look to you for validation when it comes to things they feel as though they’ve done right. So, with this said, it’s your job to make sure they’re looking up to the right kind of person. If you do things properly and you set the right example, you’re going to give them a very good template to go off of. You’ll also benefit from setting the right example because you’ll be directly helping yourself in life. Doing all the wrong things in life isn’t exactly helpful, of course!

Be Positive Around Them 99% Of The Time

There are people out there who like to live life negatively and too cautiously. This might make sense if you frame it how you want, but in the grand scheme, a positive outlook wins every single time. This applies especially to the likes of parenting and bringing up kids. If you have a positive outlook, then your kid is going to mimic that. They’ll also benefit from your positivity as this kind of reinforcement helps them with the likes of confidence and motivation. Parents who are negative and miserable will likely raise scared, miserable, and pessimistic kids.

Keep Them Active And Fit

If your kids just sit around all day and sit in front of the TV screen, they’re going to develop a lazy habit. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can turn into something much worse over time. Make sure your kids are up and doing something. They don’t exactly HAVE to commit to anything and become obsessed with it, but regular exercising and activity will make their lives so much easier. Whether it’s a place at South Shore Gymnastics or the local football team, they’d benefit mentally, socially, and physically.

Ensure They’re Fed Probably And Are Aware Of Nutrition

If they know more about the right kinds of foods and what certain foods do to you, they’ll benefit so much more. A lack of education on this front could lead to a really unhealthy lifestyle. As their parent, don’t just tell them to eat because ‘it’s good for you’. That rarely helps. Let them know how it’ll help them. The ‘give a man a fish’ adage comes to mind here.

Teach Them Valuable Fundamental Life Skills

This is a really important point. While it may seem a little tedious on both sides, this will absolutely save your kid’s life going forward. If they have good life skills, they’ll be so much more assured as they grow up. Knowing how to shop, do chores around the house, look after themselves, and generally be more mature benefits young people amazingly.

Travel Around The World With Them

Life is all about experiencing things. The more we learn, the better we become when it comes to our overall competence. Going out and seeing more of the world makes us feel more accomplished. We also learn so much and get a lot more appreciation for the kinds of people in the world. As a child, being exposed to new things and learning all kinds of skills along the way increases overall contentment while making them so much smarter.

Make Sure They Grow Up With Manners

If your kids have good manners, then they’re going to get a lot more out of life. There’s a time and a place to look after yourself, but being a good person triumphs over all in the long run. If they mind their Ps and Qs every day, then they’re going to attract a lot more opportunities and people in life. It’s also going to help them during everyday social interactions.

Let Them Know That They’re Loved Through Thick And Thin

If your child is aware that they’ll be loved - whatever happens – then they’ll be more inclined to go out and do things. We often worry about how things are going to end up in the long run whenever we make mistakes or do anything wrong. As kids, we loved being told that everything will be okay in the end. Make sure you do this for your children.

Educate Them On The Value Of Hard Work

Hard work is a skill, but it’s also a habit. It’s something that is put into your mind over the course of a long time. You can learn to get into the habit as an adult, but it helps if it’s instilled within you as a child. If you make sure they’re working hard at the things they do – and the things they love, especially – then they’ll be a lot more satisfied with themselves when they grow up.


  1. These are great tips for "kids" of any age. Thanks for posting!

  2. Good tips,,and ive raised 3 of them,,and ill tell you this,,let them be kids,,they grow up too fast,,they will be adults soon enough,,,they are not your friend they are your child,be the adult and have rules and structure

  3. Being a parent is a lot harder than it looks..lol. you are literally responsible for molding another human being and trying to teach them morals and how to succeed. I am always open to advice from fellow moms! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Teaching them that winning isn't everything. Teaching them to lose gracefully. If they tried their best that's all you can ask of them. It's also good for parents to remember this too! Lol