Top 5 Tips for Making the Best Burgers

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Summer is officially the best time to perfect your burger recipe. Whether you prefer classic beef, lean chicken, or vegetarian alternatives, get grilling and experiment with new recipes. Making the best burgers takes time and practice, but once you nail the right techniques you can impress your friends and family at your next BBQ. It’s essential to begin with quality ingredients, and with a few tricks, it’s quite simple to create tasty burgers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Opt for organic ingredients

If you want to achieve the best flavor it’s always a good idea to go organic. Invest in quality meat or vegetables to make your burgers and you’ll get better results, even if you’re not a grilling expert. It’s worth checking out your local farmer’s market or high-end butcher for the best produce. This is the first step to getting the perfect burger.

Smash in the flavor

You could try out different methods of cooking your burger. One popular way to make burgers is by using the smash method. Essentially, by pressing a thinner burger onto a hot surface, such as a griddle, you create more surface area. This helps to enhance the flavor, plus it’s also fun to do. Here’s how to make a smash burger.

Add spices and seasoning

Experiment with different spices and seasoning. Traditionally, burgers are bound with chopped onion and egg, but apart from that basically anything goes. If you’ve got a talent for creating great flavor combinations, have a go at inventing your own recipes. For those less confident in the kitchen, there are plenty of recipes online. Check out this Middle Eastern spiced burger, for example. By using a delicate blend of garlic, cumin, cilantro, and baharat, you can add a unique touch to your burgers this summer.

Chill before cooking

This is an essential step. Once you've blended and shaped your burgers, leave them in the fridge for at least an hour before cooking. This will help them maintain their shape while cooking. If you’re planning on flipping burgers on the grill outside, this is especially important. Chilling them beforehand makes the cooking process much easier.

Up your grill game

It’s the right time of year to get out your old grill and learn some new techniques. Try creating zones for flaming on a high heat and smoking on a low heat, for example. Here are a few more tips to help you up your grill game. Using a grill can really enhance the flavor of your burgers and it’s a healthy method of cooking. For a lighter summer spread, try serving your burgers with a fresh salad and homemade coleslaw rather than fries.

Learning to make the best burgers will make you very popular with your friends and family. The great thing about burgers is that you can use a base of any number of ingredients to suit meat lovers or vegans alike. Have fun experimenting with recipes and boost your grilling skills this summer.


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