Clifford The Big Red Dog Fun Cut Out Sugar Cookie Baking Video!

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Everyone's favorite Big Red Dog has their own movie! That's right, Clifford The Big Red Dog is now available on Digital (December 14th) and on Blu-Ray and DVD February 1, 2022! We love Clifford!

To celebrate the release of this brand new movie, we are baking cut-out cookies!! Watch along as we break down the steps to make the dough and frost these yummy dog-bone shaped treats! 

** A big thanks to Paramount Movies for the gift! **

If you would like to purchase the cookie cutter featured in this video, here is a direct Amazon (aff) link:

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

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clifford the big red dog, red dog bone, clifford the movie


  1. I would watch this movie with my 2 daughters and my son! I used to love this show when I was younger and I know they Would love it too!!

  2. I'd love to watch it with my 2 youngest grandchildren. Ages 6 and 4, and to bake cookies! (Your cookies same out SO nice!)

  3. I would love to watch it with my little boy..

  4. I would watch this with all three of my grandkids, with popcorn!

  5. I love baking cookies! What better cookies than dog bones!

  6. Great niece would love to do this. She loves to be in the kitchen with her mommy cooking crafting what ever

  7. great niece would watch the movie with Princie her dog and mommy and daddy. I don't have anything to play it on at my house

  8. What a cute baking video, thanks for sharing! My kids still haven't seen this movie yet, but I definitely want to watch it with them. I remember the books fondly, I loved them when I was a kid.