5 Ways To Get Organized When You're Expecting

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Having a baby is one of the most exciting and life changing things you’ll ever do - so thankfully you get nine months to prepare! If you’ve found out you’re expecting it’s so worth making use of this time. Here are five ways to get yourself organized so you can welcome your new arrival, and keep everything else in life as stress free as possible.

Baby Purchases

Babies might be small, but they certainly need a lot of ‘stuff’. Some is essential (like a place to sleep, a car seat, and clothes) and some items are things that will make life easier for you (for example, a motorized baby swing, a formula prep machine etc.). Even if you want to wait until a little later in the pregnancy to start buying things, it’s worth getting a list organized right away. Research what you’re likely to need and then create your own list, watch and read reviews of things you think you’ll buy. Aiming to buy a few things each week or month means you can spread the cost.


Speaking of cost, your finances are an important thing to get organized before your baby arrives. Take bill paying for example, can you simplify things by paying your bills by direct debit? Are you able to pay off debts before your baby arrives which will take off some financial stress, or can you start saving money as a buffer? It will all depend on your current financial situation and starting point, but do what you can to improve things for yourself.

Your Home

It will be some time before your baby is mobile, but making the home safe and suitable is something you can start thinking about right away. If anything is in a state of disrepair then look into getting it fixed up. Do what you can within your budget to make it a homely, comfortable place to raise your baby- this could be a full redecoration to adding a few inexpensive or free pieces from Facebook marketplace depending on your needs and budget. Setting up the baby’s nursery, even though they won’t be sleeping in there for a while is another way to get organized. It gives you a space to keep all of their things together, from clothes to baby toys, books and more.

Life Admin

In the early months at least, your sole focus will be caring for your baby. This means that it can be difficult to keep up with other jobs, so consider what you can do to make things easier. Could you utilize a company like physicaladdress.com to sort and filter through your postal mail making it easier to see what’s important? Could you hire a cleaner to come in for a few hours each week? Could you cook and freeze some meals so you’re able to eat well without having to slave over a hot stove? Sit and work out what things you’re most likely to struggle with when pressed for time and come up with solutions.

Your Car

Finally, this is something not to overlook. You’ll need a safe, reliable and practical car when you have a baby so if your current model doesn't fit the bill then you might need to switch it up. Check that the car seat you plan on getting will fit, and if it will be easy enough to get your baby in and out.


  1. The joys of motherhood! These are great things to have in order before baby arrives! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a lot of good information her for mothers. Heck some of these are for every one

  3. https://www.lovemrsmommy.com/2022/02/5-ways-to-get-organized-when-youre.html#more My daughter-in-law would always try to get as much done as she could before she had my granddaughter.