How To Look After Yourself When You Are a Busy Mom

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When you have children you spend the majority of your time worrying and looking after them. After all it is natural as a mom to want to care for your little ones, but sometimes you can be so busy that you actually forget to look after yourself. If you find that you are not spending much time on your own wellbeing, whether it is physically or mentally then you need to try and make space in your busy schedule to do something for yourself as well, as your wellbeing matters too.

Get Somebody Else To Cook For You

If you spend the majority of the time doing the cooking for yourself and the children then why not get someone else to cook you a lovely meal instead. It could be a partner, friend or family member that could do this, or you could head out to dinner instead and be waited on. It will just make a refreshing change for you not to have to worry about what is going to be cooked for dinner. You might even enjoy the experience so much that you will try to do this more often.

Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath

Nothing quite says relaxing then stepping into a hot bath which is filled with a lovely fragrant bubble bath. You can then place a beauty mask on your face, sit in the tub and let every ounce of stress leave your body. Playing some gentle relaxing music as you close your eyes will help you get into a peaceful mindset. It can be useful to do this once the children are asleep and before you head to bed to help you initiate a peaceful mindset before sleeping. It could help you to sleep better, which is certainly needed when you are a mom.

Buy Yourself Something Nice

If you can’t remember the last time you bought something for yourself in the spur of the moment or simply because you wanted to, then it has been too long. You work hard to look after your children so why not spend your hard earned cash on something that you would like for a change. Whether it is booking your next vacation, an item of clothing or a new cellphone, it will make you feel better if you buy something for yourself.

Create a Calm Environment at Home

Life can certainly be hectic when you have children, so you may find that those moments of calm and tranquility are few and far between. But if you create a calming atmosphere or mood in at least one room of your house then it is likely to help you relax when you truly need it. So either dedicate a space for yourself or move the furniture around so that you can relax and read a book or do some gentle yoga exercises.

Use Essential Oils To Encourage Relaxation

Essential oils can be a great way to create a relaxing environment while also providing a lovely natural fragrance to the room. Essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, jasmine and rose are good ones to use when you want to feel truly relaxed. You can then combine the varying fragrances to make your own unique blend using a diffuser. Making sure you're getting a restful night's sleep is also critical to your mental and physical health. Using an occlusal guard when you sleep can help.

Pre Order Your Medicine In Advance

If you have a regular prescription that you need to take each month and don’t always have time to pop to the doctor's surgery to collect it then you could always arrange for a Simple Online Pharmacy to post your order directly to home. This can save you time in your day and will prevent you from forgetting to take your medicine when it automatically gets sent to your address. This will be one less thing to worry about and you know you would have your medication.

Maintain Social Contact With Friends

Having regular chats whether it is in person over the phone or on video chat, is important so that you are maintaining friendships and can use it as a way to get anything off your chest. While it is very rewarding to look and take care of your children you still need an outlet to talk to someone about anything that is bothering you or just to discuss a subject that does not relate to motherhood. Maintaining social contact with friends is important for your mental wellbeing, so try to ensure you do this as much as possible. You can even plan a nice getaway with your family to see your friends in person. With having friends in the Orlando area, there are many lovely vacation homes for rent and just think of all the fun you can have!  


  1. Pre-ordering my meds in advance is really necessary. I don't drive, and have to rely delivery or getting a friend to pick them up for me. If only I had a car I wouldn't be so frantic when I see I'm running low!

  2. The pharamce that my mother uses delivers the prescription when they are due.

  3. Very good article. You can't take care of anyone if your are out for the count.

  4. we always always forget about ourselves. these are great reminders