Top 10 Tips For Thriving Houseplants

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Houseplants have become very popular recently, with more and more people becoming Plant Moms! Here are some simple tips and tricks to make sure your houseplants are thriving and healthy. With these tips, your houseplants will be easier to take care of, and you can be confident that your plant babies are getting everything they need, whether you keep them in pots on the living room floor or in vertical planters in the conservatory.

  1. Turn your plants around every week so that they grow evenly instead of becoming lopsided.

  2. Don’t fertilize your plants in the winter. Only fertilize in the spring and summer. Look for a plant food designed for houseplants when it is time for fertilizer.

  3. Use pots with holes in them. Pots like this are very helpful and will be needed if you’re new to plants.

  4. Try taking your houseplants outside for the summer and let them grow in the shade. Lots of plants will flourish this way. You could also keep them by open windows in your conservatory for a similar effect.

  5. If you are guilty of over-watering, buy a moisture meter. This will help you to learn how much water your plant actually needs.

  6. Saucers are handy for catching excess water, but if the water is left to sit in there, it can make the plant’s roots soggy. Instead, if you can, take your plant to the sink. Water as normal, but then let then the water drain for a bit before you put the plant back in the saucer. No soggy roots!

  7. Use a systematic insecticide. This is sprinkled on the surface of the soil and is absorbed into the plant, helping to keep bugs away. It is very effective and will save you from having to use insecticide sprays inside your home.

  8. Tidy up a dry-looking plant by cutting off any browned bits. Follow the natural shape of the leaf. If the leaf comes to a point, don’t cut it back straight across. This won’t look natural and will defeat the tidying up you’re trying to do.

  9. You can dust the leaves in a couple of ways. You could use a wet cloth to wipe each leaf, but this can be an annoying task if you have a lot of plants. Instead, you could take them to the shower during the winter and let the overhead water get all the leaves wet and clean off the dust. Leave the plants to dry before you take them back to where they usually live. If you take plants outside in the summer, you can do the same thing with a hose.

  10. Know when to let go. A lot of people will keep trying to save a houseplant that is just too far gone. If you think it’s time to give up, remember you can pinch the ends or tips (called propagating) to make a new plant. For example, a spider plant will put out new starts from a hanging stem. Each baby can be grown into a new plant, so you don’t have to lose the whole plant.


  1. thank you for this! i really want to reap the benefits of houseplants but i seem to have two brown thumbs!

  2. This is a lot of great tips. Going to share with some friends. I have two Aero gardens and the few plants I have are set right by that light. I only one window in my living room so was not having good luck with plants.

  3. I have no houseplants now, because we get no sun. But in my last apartment, I was guilty of overwatering - all the time. If the soil looked the slightest bit dry, I think I drowned the poor things.

  4. I have been growing house plants 🪴 for years.
    I wish I could show you a picture of my forest. Unfortunately I had to trim my plants, especially my tree because there were some brown spots and it was becoming the roots were becoming root bound! Plants also breathe out oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide. Which is healthy especially when it’s winter and the windows can’t be open too long.
    Your tips are great for the survival of our house greenery! There is much more to caring for a plant then just watering them! They make wonderful gifts. I also sometimes put cracked egg shells in a plastic milk carton. Add water and let it sit. The smell isn’t the greatest, but it’s great for the plants! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Great tips!! I love all my house plants! Snake plants are my favorite since they are extremely low maintenance. I was waiting until a warm day to rinse a few of my plants, but I love the shower idea. I don't know why I've never tried that!

  6. I needed this I could kill a plastic plant .

  7. I wish I didn't kill every indoor plant I own. I love the outdoors and plants but have killed the unkillable plants...

  8. I really needed all of the help, tips and advice I could! Thanks for sharing!

  9. thanks for the tips,,ill try them,,ive not ever been able to keep a plant alive

  10. I've never had much luck with plants. I have what you would call a "black thumb" LOL

  11. These are great tips. I do not have a green thumb.

  12. I'm bringing more plants indoors.