Tips For Newborn Clothing Wear From The Hospital

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Discover which newborn baby clothes are best to keep your child warm, cozy and safe when you bring them home from the hospital.

What do newborns wear from the hospital

There is no prouder moment for a new mom and dad than when they wrap up their little bundle of joy and carry them home from the hospital. Wanting to do everything right, many parents wonder which newborn baby clothes they should choose for their child's first trip home.

There are important practicalities to consider. Your tiny tot needs to be warm and dry as they venture out into the big wide world. As a mother, give some thought to how you will be feeling. Excited, yes, relieved too, but also very tired. You will want something easy to slip onto your baby.

The first layer will be a little onesie over their diaper, and baby will look adorable just in that! But the trip home is also your first chance to show your baby off, so you will probably want a special outfit for this big moment.

Soft, warm newborn baby clothes

Let's deal with the practicalities first. Pure cotton clothing is often best and will not cause any irritation. A newborn's skin is so delicate that abrasive materials are not suitable.

Your baby's going home outfit must be appropriate for the weather. Depending on the season, you will want to choose something that does not let them get too cold or make them too hot. Put a t-shirt over their onesie and a lovely snuggly cardigan in the winter. Maybe a little pair of trousers as well. For the summer months, a light button-up sleepsuit may be all that is needed. Keep something warmer to hand just in case, and tuck a light blanket around your child in the car seat or stroller.

Stretchy material makes getting your newborn dressed easier, as do jumpsuits with wide necks and front-fastening zips. Keeping in mind how tired you might be, make sure the clothing is easy to put on. You do not want intricate, fiddly items. If it is hard to put on, your baby will be disturbed. It is far better if any buttons or zippers are easy to access so your child can rest comfortably.

Accessories for newborns

If it is cold, you will want to get a nice comfy hat and some mittens for your baby too. Think how sweet they will look swaddled up with their little face peeking out beneath a hat or cap.

Strictly speaking, shoes are not needed. After all, your baby will not be walking for a year. If you opt for footwear, it is important that slippers or shoes be the right size and that both the uppers and soles are pliable and soft. Your baby's feet have much growing to do.

Newborn baby fashion

You will want lots of photos of your newborn's first day at home. Fortunately, modern babywear can be stylish and trendy. You can choose quality baby clothing that will show your child off in the pictures. Just make sure the outfit is as comfy as it is chic so your child will feel good while looking adorable.

Pack a spare outfit

Be prepared for minor mishaps and have a backup outfit ready. If there is a little diaper accident or milk reflux, you can quickly pop your newborn into clean, dry and pretty clothes.

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