12 Essential Items For a Relaxing Spa Day At Home!

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Going to a spa is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, especially after a long week. However, treating yourself to a facial, massage, mani-pedis and other wonderfully luxurious treatments can get very expensive. Especially, if you are a regular customer.

That’s why I wanted to share with you my top essential items for a relaxing spa day at home. Now you can save money and time by staying at home, and you can have a spa day whenever you want! No more scheduling appointments and trying to get “fit in”. You can have your spa day whenever you want!

I have another way to add to the fun of it! You can turn your spa day into a fun girls’ night! You can have some catch-up time, watch a movie together or listen to music, all while pampering yourselves. Plus, you and your friends can divide up the products you want to use, that way not just one person is buying everything. Saving you and your friends even more money. Keeping that money in your wallet, never looked so good. ::wink::

Now, onto the list of goodies to turn your home into the perfect spa day. Here we go!

Shower Steamer / Bath Fizzy

These beauties will take your spa day to the next level. Use them in the shower for a steam effect, or drop them in your bath tub. They are packed with only the good stuff, including essential oils! As the essential oils become unlocked, get ready for a relaxing and soothing experience. I love all natural bath products as my skin is very sensitive and these are fantastic! Plus, they are a travel-sized, so you can even take them on the go! A spa-day on a getaway? Oh... yes, count me in! 


If you own one, you are all set. Otherwise, having a cozy bathrobe definitely gets you into the spa vibe and helps complete the relaxing and pampering feeling you are going for. If you’re in the market, here is a lovely cotton terry spa bath robe and it comes in 4 additional colors. 

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Flip Flops

Flip Flops are the perfect accessory for your feet after giving them a soaking, scrubbing, or putting on nail polish. You certainly don’t want to smear that beautiful new color you just applied. The horror! 

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These headbands are great at keeping your hair away from your face while you are washing your face or doing a facial. Comes in a pack of 3 and they have a variety of colors to choose from.  

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If you’re looking for an all-over lotion, my whole family loves Vanicream. It’s undeniably great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and for people with eczema and allergies. They have a moisturizing cream and an ointment. The cream is great to apply any time, especially after a shower or bath. It doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs really well. You will feel noticeably softer after the first application. If you’re looking for something heavier, the ointment is amazing too. It’s especially great to use at night. By applying it at bedtime and then putting on cotton gloves, you can let the ointment absorb into your skin for a longer period of time. Leaving your hands baby soft in the morning.

eczema lotion, hypoallergenic lotion, dermatologist tested lotion

Facial Cream

This is Kiehl's #1 moisturizer for all skin types! This Ultra Facial Cream provides 24-hour hydration for softer, smoother skin and has 4.5% Squalene to replenish skin lipids and Glacial Glycoprotein to help boost and retain moisture. It’s also available at Ulta

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Epsom Salts

If you’ve had a long day and your feet are tired, a great way to help soothe them (and/or any other part of your body) is by soaking them in Epsom salts. This particular bag is pure Epsom salts, without any added scents or dyes. Great for sensitive skin. 

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Pumice Foot Scrubber

If you’re looking to get your feet beautified, then you are most likely going to want to have one of these handy. This pumice stone foot file (which comes in a pack of 2) will help to remove dead, dry and rough skin. Making your feet feel good as new. Then apply some Vanicream that I mentioned up above and your feet will be feeling silky smooth. 

pumice foot scrubber, pumice stone foot file, heal your feet, pedicure products

Which leads me to my next item...

Nail Polish

To complete your mani-pedi, it’s time to pick out a shade of nail polish. This one is a natural beauty called Bubble Bath... the name is so fitting for a spa day, but there are tons of colors to choose from. Find one that best suits you and have fun with it!   

opi nail polish, spa day at home mani-pedi, manicure and pedicure products


A nice fluffy towel is always great to have on hand. Use it for drying off after your shower/bath, wiping your face, or even protecting the floor if you are doing a pedicure. You don’t want to get nail polish on your floor. Eek!

Back Massager

I own a back massager just like this (mine is older and not in stock anymore) and it has helped relieve my back pain more times than I can count. Carrying around my kids has definitely tightened up my back and this handy massager has helped give me relief. It also has a heating option, which helps to loosen those tight muscles. 

back massager with heat, portable back massager, spa day at home kit


Turn on the tunes and relax, or sing along with your besties. Be silly, have fun... think of some fun song games and find out who knows more lyrics. Who has recently been to a concert or music festival? It’s time to spill the tea, haha.

Gift Idea Alert
All these items would make a great gift basket for a friend or loved one. I know I am always looking for new and fun gift ideas and this one would definitely be a luxurious gift to receive. One that says, you deserve to be pampered and I want you to take some time for yourself. If you’re a mom, you know just how important having some time for yourself is.  

Just think, by having spa days at home, you will undoubtedly save yourself a ton of money. In fact, maybe you’ll save enough to buy yourself something you've had your eye on, or perhaps so much that you’ll have enough for a weekend getaway. Did someone say vacation? Haha!

I hope you enjoyed my post and are excited to create your own spa day at home. Or, maybe even make a gift basket with these great goodies for a loved one. After all this spa talk, I think it’s time I kick back and do a little something for myself. That nail polish looked pretty. ::wink::


  1. What wonderful suggestions on how to spend a day of self care and relaxation.Great gift ideas as well!

    1. Thanks so much, Shirley! Glad you enjoyed my article. :)

  2. I'm making note of some of these suggestions. The comfy robe is definitely going to be part of my spa day. I usually just wear a long t-shirt. Doesn't quite give the right vibe.

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