Keeping Clean and Looking Cool With Groovi Gee! { Review & Upcoming Giveaway }

I received 8 Groovi Gee bandana bibs at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Even though my daughter is pint-sized, she already has developed a love for fashion. She loves to dress up and pick out her own outfits. Yes, sometimes I can’t believe it myself. It all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. But, that’s why I am excited to partner with Groovi Gee as I knew my little lady was going to love all that they have to offer.

Groovi Gee makes adorable fashion bibs for all ages. From baby to adult sizes and around the house to out to dinner styles, their range of patterns and prints are perfect for all occasions. I had a fun time looking through the Groovi Gee website and loved picking out some cute bandana bibs for my sweetie.

When the package came and I handed her a bib, she immediately lit up. I could see the wheel’s turning in her head when she looked at the stack of bibs and I could practically hear her say… Clothes!!! Even though she can’t say it… yet. :-) It was the look she always gives when she is excited about a clothing item. I immediately put one on her and she loved it!

My sweetheart has worn a number of her bibs already and they just came in the mail a few days ago. She has worn them for fashion, family outings and also for protection when she eats. They help to keep my little one clean as she helps herself to her meals. (They are machine washable in warm water only.)

The quality of these bibs are amazing! The front is made of 100% cotton and the back is lined with a soft fleece. This helps to aid in the protection of the inevitable teething drool. The neck size is adjustable with a double snap closure to get the perfect fit for your child.

Groovi Gee offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products and is running a wonderful deal on their site. If you buy 4 bibs you get 1 free. 6 bibs gets you 2 free and if you buy 9 bibs you get 3 free! The cherry on top of this deal is that you don’t need a coupon code, the discount is automatically applied for you at checkout. Awesomeness! And if you buy $10 or more through the US site, you get FREE shipping! Double awesomeness!

My daughter loves her bandana bibs so much that she even enjoys carrying them around the house. I recently had them all stacked into a nice neat pile (after a recent carry around the house) and placed them on the couch. They were in an area that she couldn’t reach and she just kept pointing at the pile and looking at me to get them for her. Once I did, she gave me the biggest smile and ran around the living room with them while giggling. They definitely passed my daughter’s test with flying colors.

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For Love, Mrs. Mommy Global Followers: Groovi Gee is the North American branch of Funky Giraffe. You can visit the UK and Australian sites for purchases and information as well.

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  1. Omgosh these are absolutely adorable!! I love all the different styles!! So perfect for that crazy drooly stage!!

  2. These are so cute and something you always need with a youngster. I especially like the bee print one. I am also happy to see they make them from children to adult. Not many places do and they are hard to find.

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  6. These bibs are super cute and colorful! I love them all :)
    Thank You for sharing!

    Fiona N

  7. my new great grand baby girl would look so cute with these,for the first minute

  8. These are so cute! Wish they had these when my first two were born. Now I get a second chance with my third baby girl (due 2/28/2016)!!

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