Sweet Dreams with Good Night Books

Reading to your little ones is such an important part of their development. Research shows time and time again that reading to your child not only helps your bond grow, but it helps stimulate their brain’s growth and development. There are many reasons to read to your child, and finding books that interest them will surely spark their imagination and desire to learn.

Good Night Books is a great resource for that perfect bedtime story, or snuggle with your little love any time of the day. I am so glad I partnered with them, as they are my daughter’s favorite go-to story books! Before bed, she always wants me to read, “Good Night Princesses” and “Good Night Mermaids”. I am super excited to add to her, and now my son’s, collection.

The Good Night Books Series have been around since 2005 and are written and illustrated perfectly for ages 0-5. They are printed in bright colors on high-quality board, to stand the test of time with those rough kid hands. The books I have owned for years, still look great and have withstood a LOT of love! Haha!

When browsing their website, you will find an amazing variety of books! You will find books on; animals, transportation, science, holidays, fantasy, states, cities, international titles, and so much more! There are even books to celebrate special occasions, such as a new baby. Just look at the amazing selection I picked out for my kids!

My daughter is really interested in planets and unicorns… I mean, where else can you get a broad selection of titles from one publisher?! Right here!

Reading during the first six years of life is so important for healthy brain development, so it’s paramount to invest in a good collection of books for your children. Books to stimulate their own interests and to develop new ones, which is priceless!

Our family loves Good Night Books and we know you will too! In fact, I believe these books are great learning tools for kids to learn how to read, as well. With their slight repetition…with Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night phrases, it helps to build up confidence to start recognizing these phrases throughout their books.

With Good Night Books, you will not only be giving your children the brain stimulation they need, but also you will be getting the snuggles you crave from your little sweethearts. After all, they grow up so fast and you have to soak up those snuggles as much as you can! So grab a good book, cuddle close, and let the learning begin!

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  1. I am a reader and a big fan of kids loving books. I bought my great niece books before she was ever born. And she loves to be read to and she has books at everone's home that she spends the day with.

  2. These books look so fun, perfect for bedtime story time for sure!

  3. I love reading a book at bedtime with my son it's the best and he's at the age now where he reads it with me. I love it.

  4. These look like great books! They're easy for little hands to hold onto and they have colorful photos!

  5. These sound like awesome books for little ones. I am going to check these out.

  6. Aww...these books look so cute. I need to get some for my cousin's new baby.

  7. Love these books. Thanks for sharing.