Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting Singapore With A Baby!

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Finding the right travel destinations is tough when you have a baby. Most people stick to family friendly spots and they sometimes feel that they’re missing out on some of the more exotic places that they want to visit because they have to accommodate for the baby. But there are plenty of amazing destinations that are perfect for babies, so don’t be afraid to branch out a bit more. 

Singapore is one of those destinations but people don’t usually consider it because they don’t think it’s suitable for family trips. The thing is, Singapore is incredibly clean and safe, making it perfect for babies, and there is such a wide range of things to see and do that you will have a great trip no matter what kind of travel experience you are looking for. 

When traveling with a baby, forward planning is key. If Singapore is on your bucket list, these are some of the best tips for visiting with a baby.

Where To Stay 

Finding the right place to stay is so important when traveling with babies and young children. Many parents find that managing their sleep schedule is one of the biggest challenges and that is a lot easier if you have a comfortable environment. When traveling with a baby, you also need to consider where you are going to change them and how you are going to heat up their milk etc.

Although there are some amazing luxury hotels in Singapore, it may be best to visit these when traveling without the kids. There are plenty of rooms for rent in Singapore, and having your own room with more facilities makes life easier. Trying to do everything in your hotel room can be a bit of a pain, so looking for a room in an apartment is usually a better option. 

What To Eat 

Parents are wary about traveling to Asia with babies because they are concerned about the food situation. The incredible cuisine is one of the best things about Singapore if you’re an adult, but the local food isn’t really suitable for babies. The good news is, you will easily be able to get hold of the same stuff that you find at home because there are plenty of Western supermarkets around. You will also find lots of restaurants serving European food alongside all of the local cuisine, so if you are traveling with young children that are a bit fussy about their food, you will be fine. 

Attractions To Visit 

Singapore is well known for its Michelin starred restaurants and fancy cocktail bars, but that’s not really what you’re looking for on a family trip. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Singapore that are ideal for babies. 

The Botanical Gardens are filled with lots of amazing plants with peaceful lake areas to explore. Babies will love this mini jungle because there is so much color and stimulation for them, and it’s a nice relaxing walk for parents as well. There’s a restaurant at the end where you can stop for a bite to eat and there is also a small playground for children that are a bit older. 

Lazarus Island is around half an hour from Singapore by ferry, and it’s the perfect place to visit if you want a relaxing day on the beach. There isn’t a huge amount there but if you are looking for beautiful white sands and clear waters, it’s a great spot. Spending a lot of time in a busy city can be quite overwhelming for babies (and parents), so it’s good to get away and have a chilled day on the beach during your trip. 

Chinatown is definitely worth visiting if you want a different view of Singapore. The majority of the city is filled with modern skyscrapers but Chinatown gives you a more traditional experience. It’s very accessible with a buggy and babies will enjoy looking at all of the colorful temples. There are some great places to stop off and eat but in this more traditional area of Singapore, you might find it more difficult to find suitable food for the baby, so bring something along with you. 

The only real downside to visiting Singapore with a baby is the long flight. But if you plan ahead and make sure that you keep them entertained, you should be fine. It’s also a good idea to keep them up for a while before you set off so they are more likely to sleep on the plane. Once there, follow these simple tips and you will have an amazing trip to Singapore with your baby.


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