Rugrats Are Back with the Complete Series Now on DVD!

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Are you ready to walk down nostalgia lane with me?! When I was a little kid I remember watching Rugrats on Nickelodeon. (Yup, I was a kid in the 90’s… shhh… wink) I loved all the antics those kids got into and thought the show was so much fun! I always looked forward to the next upcoming episode and couldn’t wait to see what they were going to get into next. Now, our favorite little “rugrats” are back, and all 9 seasons are in one awesome set! 

This is the first time ever that fans will be able to enjoy all nine seasons from the Emmy Award-winning show in one giant, 26-disc collection! WOW! This DVD collection features over 67 hours of hilarious hijinks and crazy crawling adventures, including special episodes “Runaway Reptar” and “All Growed Up”.

If you aren’t familiar with these hilarious kids, here is a little synopsis: Rugrats follows the secret life of babies Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Kimi, and Dil, plus toddlers Angelica and Susie, as they embark on misguided adventures (in reality and their vivid imaginations) right under the noses of their unsuspecting parents and grandparents.

rugrats dvd, 90s TV shows, rugrats complete dvd, rugrats complete series

Here is a breakdown of what you will get in this collection:


Season 1
2 discs – Aired 1991 – 1992

Season 2
4 discs – Aired 1992 – 1993

Season 3
4 discs – Aired 1993 – 1995

Season 4
2 discs – Aired 1996 – 1998

Season 5
2 discs – Aired 1997 – 1998

Season 6
3 discs – Aired 1998, 1999, 2001

Season 7
2 discs – Aired 1999 – 2001

Season 8
3 discs – Aired 2000 – 2001

Season 9
4 discs – Aired 2001 – 2006

Bonus Content:
Runaway Reptar
All Growed Up
Babies in Toyland
Tales from the Crib: “Snow White”
Tales from the Crib: “Three Jacks & A Beanstalk”

Rugrats: The Complete Series Fast Facts:
Release Date: May 18, 2021
Running Time: 67 hrs 14 min
Special Features Running Time: 4 hrs 40 min
US Rating: Not Rated / CN Rating: G

This is such a wonderfully fun collection of DVDs! This would make a great gift for the kiddos and be a good source of back-up entertainment for those rainy or too-hot-to-be-outside summer days. Get ready to let the good times… crawl!

You can purchase this collection HERE on Amazon (aff)!


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  4. Rugrats are the best! This was THE cartoon to watch when I was little! Thank you for sharing!

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