4 Gifts That Show Dad He Means The World To You

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It can be difficult sometimes showing our appreciation for all things our husbands and father’s do for us. Dad’s can often be very busy and stressed and it can be hard for them to make time or for us to make time for them to show them that we care. Presents and gifts are obviously a great way of showing affection and appreciation but even then finding a gift for them they actually like and end up using. The world has already collectively decided that moms love chocolate and flowers, heartfelt cards and customized photo frames, but what do dads want? Of course, not all moms are the same, and neither are all dads. If you have something specific in mind that you know dad will adore then go for it, but if you're stuck for ideas here are some great gift ideas all dads will love.

Spa Day

It's not often the men in our lives get themselves a good pampering. Many even shy away from it. But everyone deserves a bit of R&R. He might be a bit resistant at first but once he's got some essential oils on him all the complaints will melt away.

DVD Box Set

You’ll often find dad, when he's not working or mowing the lawn, sitting in front of the television with his feet up and enjoying every second of it. Consider buying him the box set of a show he loves or one you know for a fact that he’ll fall in love with. It's a small gesture but one that shows that you think about him and the things he enjoys and that you want him to be happy.

Custom Challenge Coin

If you’re not familiar, a challenge coin is a small medallion or coin bearing an insignia or emblem on it. They are usually given out to organizations or people serving in the armed forces. They're also a great gift idea. With a custom challenge coin you can put any logo or emblem on it, maybe even dad’s company logo. It's a great and unique way of showing dad you care and he can carry it around with him wherever he goes, always being reminded of you and your affection for him. For your custom challenge coin, check out Challenge Coins Ltd.

Coffee Set

If your dad/husband is anything like mine, you’ll know he loves his coffee, no, needs his coffee. It's what he needs every morning to get himself to work, it's what he drinks at the weekend to relax him. Of course anyone can chuck some instant coffee into a cup, switch on the kettle and brew a hot cup of Joe, but people who really enjoy their coffee can tell the difference between good and bad coffee. Make the experience more fun and enjoyable by getting him a proper coffee set. That may mean a coffee machine or a pour-in set, whatever you think he’ll prefer. A coffee grinder is always a good way to go and grinding your own coffee is so much more fun! It also has the added benefit of being something you can use as well (wink).

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