Staying Safe at Home - A Home Safety Checklist

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If you have ever left the house and all of a sudden wondered if you have unplugged the iron or turned off the gas, then you are not alone. Usually, you start retracing your actions before leaving the house and end up in panic mode the whole time you are away from home. Then when you get back, you find everything is in order, and your worry was unnecessary.

This goes to show how safety is essential around the home at all times. Imagine if you were cross country moving and took care of all the essential measures for a successful move. That’d be a huge relief, making your experience worthwhile.

It starts with easy tasks that grow to be part of your routine.

How Can You Keep the Home Safe

It is vital to ensure that your home is safe, especially if you have children. It would be best if you taught them the dangers that lurk around and how to avoid them in a safe manner. Your kids might also surprise you by pointing out potential risks you might have missed for whatever reason.

Here is a checklist of things to ensure your home is safe:


Do not underestimate the importance of good lighting around the home. It helps avert a lot of accidents, mainly because of tripping. Ensure that your home is well lit both inside and outside.

Child Proof Electrical Sockets

Children are a curious lot, and they tend to investigate and touch everything in their way. Suitable childproofing on electrical sockets will keep them safe. Consequently, they will not be able to access the sockets and try out weird acts.

Fireproof The House

It would be best to point out all the places where a fire might occur and devise fireproofing methods. Move any flammable items away from fire hotspots to avoid any incidents. You can ask for help from the fire department on how best you can avoid fires at home.

Invest in Fire Extinguishers

Please make a point of purchasing fire extinguishers that you can use at home and have them serviced regularly. It is vital to ensure those fire extinguishers are strategically set up to easily and quickly pull them out.

Safe Storage

Take a keen interest in how you store things away, especially toxic chemicals in your possession. Keep them away from reach and in a place where they are safer. If you can't think of such a place, then it's better to get rid of them to avoid any disasters.


Have you ever thought of how intruders can enter your home? What kind of locks do you have in place? Are they strong enough? Invest in having good security around your home as this will guarantee the safety of all who are in your house.

Emergency Exit

It is crucial to have a quick exit during an emergency. Ensure that your exit is clear and accessible at all times. You can never anticipate accidents as they can occur unexpectedly. Your best strategy is always to be ready to handle them.

It can be costly to install safety measures for your home, but it is necessary. The long-term benefits surpass any cost factor involved. When unforeseen circumstances take place, you will be happy that you invested in safety measures.


  1. Great tips, we also change the batteries in the smoke detectors twice a year.

  2. Make sure you have a few fire extinguishers in important areas. Check to make sure the ones that you have are not expired!!!!

  3. Also, make sure any workmen who come into your house are vetted. My mom and Dad caught a worker going through their medicine cabinet.