Gabby's Dollhouse Season 3 Is Now Streaming! Watch our Unboxing to Celebrate!

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Get excited!! Gabby's Dollhouse Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix! WooHoo!

This original series is full of educational material for kids. The learning fun keeps coming with Gabby and her best pal Pandy Paws. Many other cute characters fill out this show to make it one of the best! We love Gabby's Dollhouse and were lucky enough to get this fun box filled with goodies themed after this show!

 We love learning with Gabby's Dollhouse and watching all the magic unfold. 

** A big thanks to DreamWorks Jr. for the gift! **

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Baby Box Plush

Pandy Paws Plush

Glitter Water Bottle

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Season 3 of the DreamWorks Animation series “Gabby’s Dollhouse” is streaming now on Netflix!

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