Pillow Haven Is The Pillow Storage Solution You Have Been Looking For!

pillow haven, pillow storage, pillow storage solution

I love decorating my home with pillows. They instantly make your room more cozy, comfortable and inviting. Not only that, but pillows can certainly elevate the look and style of your home. It’s amazing how adding some simple throw pillows can do so much!

But, here’s a question for you… at the end of the day, when you are turning your bed down and getting ready for bed… where are all those pretty throw pillows going to go? Mine go on the floor and shamefully enough, seem to attach themselves to the only dust ball in the whole house. Or, they become a step-on toy for my kids and the ever popular racetrack for my son’s cars. Well, I am sorry kids, (but yet not sorry, haha) to say goodbye to all of that, and Hello to Pillow Haven! Thanks for partnering with me so I could tell my readers all about this great product!

pillow haven, pillow storage, pillow storage solution

Pillow Haven is the pillow storage solution you and I have been looking for! The inventor of Pillow Haven (Judy) was having the same issues with her pillows at night… where to put them? After searching for a product to fit her needs, she realized that nothing fit the bill. So she took matters into her own hands and searched for material, taught herself how to sew, and created the best solution out there!

Pillow Haven comes in two sizes. The large size measures 32” x 44” and holds up to 8 pillows and the medium size measures 22” x 34” and holds up to 6 pillows! That’s a lot of storage space for those beautiful decorative pillows!

I have two large Euro Shams that take up so much space on my floor and now they fit perfectly inside my large Pillow Haven storage bag! And guess what? It also holds my two other throw pillows, too! WOW!

But, there’s more! Not only can you store your pillows safely and securely in these pretty bags, but you can also hang them up! (Judy thought of everything!) There is a loop on the backside of the bag, specifically designed for hanging your Pillow Haven bag! You can find an over-the-door hook on their website, like the one I show here. I love that the bag and hook are white. This makes everything look decorative and yet seamless hanging on my door.

door hanger, door hook, pillow door hook, pillow storage, pillow bag

With using the hook, now you save even more space in your room, as you have your pillows hanging out of the way. So ingenious! The hook is compatible with any 0.7" to 1.38" interior door and can hold up to 20 lbs. The hook is made of high quality metal construction for anti-corrosion and rust and there is a white rubber coating to protect your door from scratches.

Pillow Haven is the storage solution I have been looking for! They are pretty and decorative storage bags that hold a lot of pillows! You can set it on a chair, rest them neatly (and cleanly) on the floor, or hang them up on your bedroom door. The choice is yours, and there are so many!

pillow haven, present bag, pillow bag, bedroom storage

There are also a ton of other ways to use these bags! I have found them to be great for storing toys, presents, clothes for traveling, and so much more! They are definitely multi-purpose and they work and look great!

I am thrilled with this storage solution and it’s completely taken care of the problem I was having.

pillow haven, pillow storage, pillow storage solution

And keep your eyes open, Judy has another product in the works called the Sham Shack! This will be the perfect solution for all your Sham storage needs, as it will have specific measurements targeted just for them! This will be coming your way soon. How great!

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Buy It: You can purchase both Pillow Haven bags, and the hook that was featured in this review, on their website.


  1. right now i have about6 or 7

  2. I have 2 large pillows and 2 smaller one

  3. This is such a great storage option for the pillows. I have four pillows on my bed and several cushions. I only use two at night so the pillow haven would be a fantastic way to store the extras when not in use.

  4. I would love to have your pilows

  5. What a great idea; I’m surprised this is the first I’m hearing about this product. Where have I been?

  6. I have 3 pillows on my bed.

  7. We have 3 pillows on our bed.