4 Tips For Car Safety With Kids

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One of the most important things as a parent or guardian is keeping your children safe, and one of the most important times is when they are in the car.

Although many of us are very safe drivers, many on the road aren’t as careful. The busiest times on the roads are usually in the morning and then midafternoon - due to all of the school traffic. If anything does happen, rest assured you can contact a car accident lawyer for assistance.

It’s not just about other road users; though, there can be a range of issues that arise in the car.


You might snack in the car as you drive around to get from work, school, playgroups, and more. And many parents will often offer snacks to their children too.

While most of the time it is completely fine if your child is eating a snack while driving on roads - like the highway - that you can’t stop on, begins to choke - this is a big problem.

Another scary thought is that if the child is rear-facing and you cannot see them for a short period of time.

Instead of offering crunchy snacks, try to stick to soft once - or only opt for drinks in carefully sealed cups.

Sleep Safe

We often choose a car seat that is appropriate for our child's age so that they are comfortably seated as we drive - and of course, safe. But this doesn’t mean that the car seat is safe for them to sleep in.

Often when the child falls asleep, their head may tilt forward, and for young babies, this can cause breathing difficulties.

High back boosters and even newborn car seats are often equipped with headrests that can help keep the child in a safe sleeping position.

Back Seat

The reason for checking the back seat of the car every time you get in or out is so that you can remove keys, bags, and any extra that small hands can reach. And, in recent years, there has been an increase in parents accidentally leaving sleeping children in the car.

Checking the back seat before and after every trip can help you get into the habit, and if you change from your regular routine and have children in the car when you usually don’t - it can prevent accidents.

Playing Around The Car

Another tragic incident that isn’t as uncommon as we might like is children playing in and around the car. Children who unlock the handbrake or parents who didn’t put the handbrake on have seen some disastrous results.

Ensure that your children understand the dangers that even a stationary vehicle can cause. Rolling down driveways or into walls is a common occurrence - so make sure you always double-check the hand brake and keep kids away from the car.

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  1. OMG, these are SO important!! The eating in the car one is so often overlooked! I never gave my child any snacks except for a juice box in the car unless there was an adult back there with her.

  2. I travel with my grandchildren a lot,,so this is important to me,,thank you

  3. These are fantastic tips for kids' car safety, it is so important! Mine used to fall asleep all of the time in the car when they were younger, and I always worried about their heads tilting too far forward.

  4. this is great information on kids and car safety

  5. Hope everyone with kids reads this.