How To Advance Your Career

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In this ever-changing world, there is always something more to learn. As a career-minded individual, you realize that to stay relevant you need to maintain knowledge of your industry standards and innovations. After all, knowledge is power. Here are a few ways to move your career forward while learning new skills.

Earn a new certification in your field.

Take, for example, the career of a fitness instructor. You begin working towards and earning the basic certifications to become a fitness instructor or trainer. After doing so, you start working in your chosen career. There are a wide variety of people to work with, and your professional certification content covers the basic population. What it may not cover is the genre of senior fitness.

Older individuals tend to have different physical needs than a younger demographic. Seniors have body changes that occur throughout the aging process and health issues that are generally unique to their age group. Additionally, some of their fitness goals may differ from younger generations. Maintaining bone health and general mobility are two examples that are likely on their radar.

To that end, earning a senior fitness instructor certification will not only help you understand this group's specific needs, it will also expand your knowledge base and general marketability. As you continue on your path as a fitness instructor, some of your clients will age into the senior category. This certification will ensure that you can meet them where they are in life and take on new clients, whatever their age.

Earn an advanced degree.

Going back to school to earn an advanced degree or MBA are both attractive choices in today’s workforce. Always consider the cost of earning the degree versus what you will make once you have finished the program.

Here is a video to aid you in weighing the pros and cons of earning an advanced degree.

How will certifications, advanced degrees, and training help me in my career?

Staying abreast of the latest information in your field means that you are on the cutting edge of what is available. Knowing this, you can offer your clients the best advice, service, and care, depending on your career field.

Maintaining professional certifications and earning new ones shows that you are not stagnant in your vertical. Instead, you prove that you are capable of change and have the ability to be trained or retrained. Many employers appreciate the notion that an employee is willing to learn something new. It proves that you truly can teach an old dog new tricks.

The proactive steps you take to learn more in your field or attain additional certifications or degrees show your clients and employers that you care. You care about your future, and you care about providing them with the best knowledge and services available.

Take some time today to assess your career. Are you happy where you are, or is it time for a change? Remember, a change does not mean shifting your career trajectory entirely. It may simply mean adding a new certification, another degree, or further training to your skillset. If you enjoy what you do but want to expand on that. Get ready to study, because knowledge is always the best course.

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