Fun Things To Do in Mykonos Greece

The stunningly beautiful Mykonos in Greece is known as a party central, and millions of people arrive every year to do precisely that.

However, the beautiful whitewashed stone buildings, views and culture entice plenty of other tourists each year.

Mykonos is rich in history and culture, but it also offers one of the most serene places to relax in the world.

So if you're there or planning a trip, here are a couple of things that you can't miss when it comes to Mykonos.

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When people often think of windmills, they think about the Netherlands; however, there are stunning windmills on Mykonos and they are one of the most famous attractions around.

For much of their lives, these windmills were used to refine grain since they are positioned to use those high winds.

However, the use of these windmills began to decline when faster technology was available. Most often, they are now either private houses or museums.

The windmills are situated on the hills in Chora and are more than worth a visit.


Often when we are on holiday, we try to fit in visiting art galleries, museums, restaurants and doing as much as possible. And we get so caught up trying to make the most of our visit sometimes we forget to do the most essential thing.

Strolling around the area you are in can give you some of the best experiences of a location. Mykonos is a place that is more than worth a few hours wandering around.

You'll find plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, and more. But really, the white houses with the iconic blue doors are the star of The Show.

There are plenty of walking tours that you can book, or you can simply get out Google Maps and explore by yourself.

Boating trip

Since you are surrounded by the sea, the best way to take in the full beautiful view of this Greek coastal city is by boat.

There are plenty of guided boat tours that will allow you to explore things like the Archaeological site of Delos, or you might have a more relaxing time in mind.

Mykonos yacht charter is available, which means you can enjoy a day soaking up the sun gently floating on the sky blue sea.


What most people enjoy about Mykonos is that there are many churches scattered all over the island. It is estimated that there are almost 800 different chapels and churches, so there is plenty for you to choose from. Around 60 of that number can be seen throughout Mykonos town.

It's highly likely as you walk around, to lose track of just how many different chapels and churches you'll see. But one thing is for sure: each of them is worth a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful and sometimes simple architecture.

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  1. How gorgeous! I had no idea that Greece had windmills. And the Orthodox Churches, how I would love to seem them, such a holy feeling they must have. But I think my favorite part would be getting to know the people. All the Greek-Americans I've known have always been so kind, so hospitable, willing to help anyone out.

  2. Greece has always been a dream and just reading this makes me want it more. It would be nice to go and do all of these things.

  3. I loved Mykonos. The windmills, the white buildings against the blue sky and the food!

  4. I have always wanted to visit Greece maybe now tat I am retired I can .

  5. I have never been to Greece. I have heard it was beautiful. We went on a tour of Europe and had a great time! It was before the pandemic. Thank God!! We were going to plan a trip to Spain. I have always wanted to go there. One of the highlights was because of the food also.
    I pinned the picture. Your review is making me change my mind of wanting to vacation in Greece. You are right about the fans. We saw fields of them. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Greece is definitely on my vacation bucket list. Just looking at all of the beautiful blue water, amazing architecture and awesome food. Super cool!

  7. I love Greece! And Mykonos is gorgeous.

  8. Wish i could go there right now

  9. it looks so amazing. beautiful view

  10. It sounds like a wonderful vacation. There is so much culture and history.